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Lab Chat #3 audio now available via The Drax Files Radio Hour

The audio is now available from Lab Chat #3 that was broadcasted on Friday 6th May 2016 in Second Life. You can listen to the show via show#115 on the Drax Files Radio Hour talking about Second Life, Project Sansar and Project Bento.

There was no video of the show, see below for the reason!

Ebbe Linden recently talked about Project Sansar at the Collision Conference and the good news is that the full video is now available showing new footage of Project Sansar. The video runs for almost 15 minutes and it’s very interesting.

New Screenshots of Project Sansar








Amazing screenshots of Project Sansar and I can’t wait to see more in the months ahead. 🙂


You All Got Rick Rolled by Linden Lab

Town Hall Island Central

On 1st April 2016 marked April Fools Day and as many saw there was a big announcement from Linden Lab telling everyone to go to Town Hall Island to watch an exclusive message. More than 150 people attended to see if they could see the message. lol

Many thought they were going to watch something about Project Sansar but no it was a video of Rick Astley. However for some people the video screen failed to work and so did the link giver.

While it’s still very early for Project Sansar, today we have a special message to share inworld –  exclusively with Second Life Residents.

Over 150 people attended 

In Other News

Hahahaha lol

New short teaser featuring Second Life – Worlds Within Ours

On 27th March Luca Grabacr uploaded a 40 seconds video called Second Life Short Teaser | Worlds Within Ours on YouTube. This short teaser video is targeted towards people who have not yet joined Second Life. Luca has uploaded videos in the past relating to Second Life, see here.

Luca writes this in the info section…

I intend to use this video for a Second Life Facebook group’s teaser video, but might as well post it here so more people would be able to watch it. As usual, this Second Life video is targeted towards those who aren’t a Second Life user yet. So show this to your non-SL user friend and see what they think!

If you enjoyed the teaser video share it with your non-SL friends to get them interested in joining Second Life today. 🙂

Linden Lab releases new video on Bars and Pubs in Second Life

On 17th March 2016 Linden Lab released a new video via the official Second Life YouTube Channel showcasing bars and pubs in Second Life to visit inworld. Great places for hangout, live music and for live DJs.

The Blarney Stone (Irish Bar in Second Life) and Toby’s Juke Joint (one of the oldest clubs in SL) were featured in the new video. The video runs for 1 minute and it’s worth watching if you want to grab a drink with friends.