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SL12B regions have arrived

In a few months time Second Life will be celebrating it’s 12th birthday celebrations and this week the SL12B regions have arrived on the grid. There have been no announcements yet on the planning details / key dates for SL12B.

I would imagine there will be some news about this very soon. Stay tuned and I’ll blog more when I hear more. :)

What would you like to see happen at SL12B this year ? Theme ideas for SL12B ? 

SL12B regions arrive

SL12B regions arrive

500 follows milestone reached

Today my blog reached the 500 Follows milestone and I like to say thanks so much for following my blog over the years. Thanks for your support and it would be fantastic to reach the 1, 000 Follows milestone within the next few years.

Yay, 500 follows! 

Yay 500 Follows!

  • 100 Follows – 19th May 2012
  • 200 Follows – 30th April 2013
  • 500 Follows – 17th March 2015

Recently my blog reached the 400, 000 blog views milestone and that’s incredible I think. It would be great to reach the 500, 000 blog views milestone within the next year or two.

If you are a WordPress user then you can check out your Trophy Case to see what you have including follows, likes and anniversary’s.  Woooot! :D

I’ll keep everyone posted if I reach any other milestones in the near future for sure. :D

VWBPE 2015: sneak preview

VWBPE 2015

VWBPE 2015 is almost here!



VWBPE 2015

The owl looks at the 2015 VWBPE stage area


VWBPE 2015

Free gifts at VWBPE 2015


VWBPE 2015

A nice snapshot of the main area of VWBPE 2015

Love is in the Air in Second Life

Happening now until 14th February 2015 GizzA Creations is having it’s Love is in the Air event in Second Life. For the finest brands, live music, valentines day specials, mesh, shoes, hair, skins and accessories check out this event.

This event is 6th place on the Featured Events list on the Second Life Destination Guide. Spread the word and visit here. Come and explore the love heart themed sim. :)

Come; be swept away on the gossamer wings of love!

Love is in the air

Love is in the air event & live music happening now!

Nice love heart sim

Nice love heart sim

Love is in the air

Check out the lights :)

Visit Here


Much loved SL friends we lost in 2014

In 2014 Second Life lost some great talented people and they should never be forgotten. It’s heartbreaking when love ones pass away however we should celebrate their lives.

Tributes go to the following…

Brooke (Saiman) Denimore – Passed away on 15th February 2014

Dirk Talamasca Passed away on 30th March 2014

Ever Dreamscape – Passed away in early May 2014

Joe Miller (Joe Linden) – Passed away on 27th July 2014

All of the above will all be greatly missed in Second Life. If you know of any other SL friends that passed away in 2014 please comment so we can remember them. Thank you!

A visit to Scrumptious Sweets

Today I went to visit Scrumptious Sweets which is a candy island full of yummy sweets and candies in Second Life. It’s just amazing and it’s a good adventure that’s for sure if you love exploring in Second Life. VISIT HERE

It’s worth pointing out that each day until 25th December, players can go around the candy island to find new hints and prizes. It’s worth doing if you have spare time!

The landing point

The landing point

Scrumptious Sweets

Scrumptious Sweets welcome

Scrumptious Sweets


A sweet train and chocolates

A sweet train with loads of chocolates

Scrumptious Sweets_003



Scrumptious Sweets

The owl enjoys the cream


Update on the grid numbers on Second Life and OpenSim during 2014

As of 6th December 2014 the total number of Main Grid regions now stands at 25, 675 with 18, 645 of those being private estates with 7, 030 being Linden owned regions. The total net loss of private estates losses now stands at 628 regions which is 3.3% in 49 weeks down since the start of 2014.

In comparison back on the 5th of January 2014 the total number of Main Grid regions was 26, 227 with 19, 241 of those being private estates with 6, 986 being Linden owned regions.

As of 17th November 2014 there are 54, 123 regions on the top 40 OpenSim’s public grids. In terms of popularity InWorldz, Metropolis and Avination were the popular grids during November 2014. In terms of region counts Virtual Worlds Grid, OSgrid and Kitely had the most regions during November 2014.

In comparison back on 15th January 2014 the top 40 OpenSim public grids region count was 31, 136 total regions. In summary Second Life has declined a little again and OpenSim has kept on growing in size since the start of 2014. Will these trends continue in 2015 ? We will have to wait until this time next year to find out.