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New Linden Project Elemenoh Appears & SLB Regions Arrive On The Grid

New Linden Project Elemenoh

13 new Elemenoh Linden owned regions have arrived on the grid according to the latest new sims report published yesterday (4th March 2018). These new regions are currently closed to the public and it’s unclear if they will be open anytime soon.

The 13th region named “Elemenoh Dev” is just west of the newly added Elemenoh regions on the map. No announcements have been made about these new regions yet so if anything develops i’ll post it on my blog.

Second Life 15th Birthday Regions Arrive – (Update 1) 

21 SLB regions have been added to the grid and it seems work has already started for the upcoming Second Life 15th Birthday due to take place in mid June 2018.

More updates soon.



The arrival of a new Linden Project area in Second Life

New Linden Project area arrives

New Linden Project area arrives on the grid

In late September 2016 Linden Lab added a series of new Linden Project regions (over 40+) far north of the mainland in Second Life. These regions (named HR/HC/HIH) are currently closed to the public but they are mainly rated Adult which is rather interesting.

It’s unclear at the moment what the regions will be used for and whether or not they will open to the public anytime soon. I guess most likely we will have to wait until the lab announces something about these regions in the near future.

From the map view it looks like the arrival of new Linden homes 2.0 is my guess with water surrounding the central areas. It’s a huge land area and a big Linden project for sure.

What do you think about these new regions ?

Second Life on the map of the internet

Second Life on the map of the internet 1.0

A very interesting map was released recently showing the major sites of web and apparently Second Life is located on the huge map. Second Life is shown at the top of the map under where it says interface. Nearby Rosedale, Humble and Resident Island shown in yellow/orange. Yay.

This has to be one of the best maps of the internet I’ve ever seen and its very cool that the map is divided into continents. I would love to see someone make a metaverse map including SL, Opensim and virtual worlds.

What will you discover ?

“The map is divided into two main parts; software companies, gaming companies and some of the real-world oriented websites are located on the right part of the map, or ‘the old world,'” Vargic told HuffPost in an email. “The websites and majority of Internet itself is located on two eastern continents, the upper one showing social networks, forum websites, blogs, and the lower one filled with adult-oriented websites and Internet crime.”

Click to see full image and enjoy 🙂

Map the internet 1.0

Amazing right ?  I would love to know what you think of the map of the internet 1.0?

Historical Maps of Second Life Birthdays

Here are some cool historical SL birthday region maps of previous Second Life Birthdays celebrations and I managed to find cool SL birthday maps from SL4B to SL11B. This post will be kept updated on a yearly basis…
















The structure of the birthday sims and design has changed alot since SL4B. Hopefully the next 11 years we will see more SL birthday map changes and interest. 🙂