SL Predictions 2011 Check List

Here are my predictions I made last year for 2011. Time to see if any came true or not..
  • A new Linden Lab CEO – Success – Rod Humble started in mid January 2011 as the new Linden Lab CEO.
  • Mesh will be officially launched – Success – Mesh was still being developed during the first half of 2011 until 23rd August when Mesh went live across the grid. Mesh is now in many well known viewers!
  • Groups will be raised from 25 to 40 – Success- Linden Lab enabled 42 for the groups limits in early 2011.
  • Teens introduced to the Main Grid -Success- Linden Lab merged the grids together on 21st January 2011. 
  • Major TPVs will switch over to using Viewer 2 based code – Success –
  • Educational organizations leave SL cause of land increased prices – Success – There were alot of Educational organizations that left Second Life due to funding/land prices etc during 2011. 
  • More residents moving to OpenSim grids etc – Success – In 2011 there have been more regions created than there was last year and I believe there has been more interest about OpenSim grids this year. OSGrid reached the 10, 000 regions milestone this month which is incredible. 
  • More press news and projects from Linden Lab – Success – There have been various press updates this year through the inworld LL press group. Linden Lab launched Linden Realms, Viewer 3, Mesh, 42 groups, Greeter project, new web SL online profiles, new search and more this year. 
  • SL concurrency to reach 100, 000 users online – Fail –SL concurrency numbers failed to reach 88, 000 or more this year.
  • LL ends Viewer 1.23 support  – Fail – Still no confirmation about this year about Viewer 1.23 support ending. It’s no longer under development (2009) but it’s still available to download via the SL wiki. 
  • The SL Economy will hopefully grow stronger  – Fail – Remained steady and flat in 2011 but not much growth as many expected it would be.

Second Life predictions for 2012


Recap of Second Life History, 1999 to 2013

A recap of Second Life history from 1999 to 2013.

1999 to 2013


  • Linden Lab was founded in 1999
  • The Rig
  • LindenWorld


  • LindenWorld continues to develop


  • “focusing on haptic technology”


  • March 13th, 2002, the first Resident called Steller Sunshine  joined Second Life
  • 16 regions
  • Closed beta testing in November 2002


  • SL was launched
  • Open beta in April 2003
  • First trailer of Second Life was downloadable
  • Second Life 1.1. released
  • First Telehubs were created in 2003
  • Mass layoff of staff


  • First Linden official blog post in October 2004
  • Golden Age for Second Life content creation
  • Version 1.5 was launched
  • Nathan Keir created Tringo in December 2004


  • Teen Grid created in February 2005
  • 1.6 rolled out in March 2005
  • Dismantling of the old telehub system


  • Teen Grid opens 24/7
  • Black September an unpatched exploit in a piece of software used by LL allowed parties unknown to access customer information for SL users.
  • Anshe Chung becoming the first millionaire from a virtual world
  • 1,000,000th Resident joined Second Life


  • WG had it’s first meeting (open sourced)
  • Windlight launches
  • Ratings removed


  • Bay City regions launch
  • Dazzle launches
  • Philip left as CEO
  • Mono launched
  • Open Grid Public Beta
  • Launch of void sims (openspaces)


  • XStreet SL launches
  • Adult Content Policy
  • Snowglobe launches
  • New look SL website
  • Volunteer Program stopped
  • Orange Island closed
  • Linden Homes


  • LL brought Avatars United
  • New Viewer 2 & new user experience
  • New Second Life Forums
  • LL Layoffs
  • M Linden steps down & Philip comes back as CEO
  • Burning Life renamed to BURN 2.0


  • Rodvik starts as CEO of Linden Lab
  • Teen Grid merged with the Main Grid
  • New SL Forums launched
  • New Basic/Advanced modes in SL Viewer
  • New social web profiles launched
  • Mesh was launched across the grid


  • Pathfinding introduced 
  • Linden Lab ends support for SL9B+
  • Project Shining introduced


  • New spring themed login screens on SL homepage
  • New Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) launched
  • New new Materials Project Viewer launched


Further Reading

Nova Albion 6th Anniversary, 20th March 2010

Nova Albion will be celebrating its 6th anniversary in Second Life this coming Saturday 20th March 2010 at 2 pm SLT.

Parade 2010 Map – Starting and finishing at Grignano
Calling All Ducks

  • Follow the Nova Albion Twiter Feed
  • 3 LIVE performers will entertain right after the parade from 3 to 6 pm SLT !!
  • Come along and enjoy the fun!

Christmas SL Flickr Groups 2009

Here is my recommended list I found on Flickr Groups where you can send your Christmas SL photos to this year.

Happy Seasonal Greetings!

Christmas in Second Life


Holiday Greetings from Second Life

~*Second Life in Winter*~


Second Life through the Seasons

Second life Holiday cards~


I have started this year adventures in exploring cool and amazing winter locations in Second Life for 2009. The tour started on 1st of December and will end on 1st January 2010. ENJOY!



  • My blog will turn 2 years old – 18th December 2009
  • 1st full year on the MG – 20th December 2009
  • Second Life Winterfest 2009 snowball fights and contests will be announced by Linden Lab either later this week or sometime next week. I am really excited. Bring it on!!!!
  • 2010 – Check out my predictions post for Second Life in 2010