SL16B officially opens – a guide to the birthday celebrations

SL16B Welcome Area

SL16B officially opened it’s doors to the public at 10am SLT today over at the SL16B regions in Second Life. This year the birthday celebrations were organised by Linden Lab and the Moles who have all done a lovely job at it this year. The community celebration will now continue until Monday 8th July. Check out the brand new SL16B welcome page for the full schedule of events that will be happening during the next few weeks. For reminders check out the SL16B calendar of events that can be found here via the Google Calendar.

There are free gifts, a useful map and information at the SL16B Welcome Area far east on the map. There are friendly greeters who will be there during the course of the birthday celebrations helping everyone get started.¬†This year the community is celebrating SL’s “Sweet Sixteen” with a 1950s retro theme.

SL16B love heart water area

There are many exciting events to look forward to this time including the Music Faire, Swaginator Gift Hunt, Shopping Events and a chance for everyone to Meet the Lindens live. At some point there will be announcements made on the new previews of the new Linden Homes / Themes / Styles which is going to be pretty interesting to see. There are two Linden Home Preview regions south east of the map.

Check out the cool exhibits in the west of the birthday celebration regions, the main stage, the auditorium, the dj stage, the love heart water area, free gifts area and the tapestry of time region. There is live music happening now from talented performers/djs and there will be many other birthday events happening across the grid I’m sure.

First Preview of SL16B

There are several cool retro gifts that are spread across the SL16B regions. Good luck finding them all. The pod tours are back this year which are always exciting and interesting.

SL16B Main Attractions (SLURLS)

SL16B Exhibitor Showcase

SL16B Key Dates

  • SL16B opens to the public: 10am SLT – 20th June – 8th July 2019
  • SL16B Shopping & Gift Event: 20th June – 8th July 2019
  • SL16B Music Faire: 21st June – 22nd June 2019
  • Meet the Lindens: 24th June – 27th June 2019 (starts at 2pm SLT every day SLT
DJ Stage

SL16B Music Schedule & Meet the Lindens Schedule

Main Stage

> Music Faire Schedule

  • Music will be held at the SL16B Main Stage.
Times SLT Friday 21st
Saturday 22nd
10am Parker Static Dreama Summerwind
11am R4 Anne (oXoRyanneoXo) Mimi Carpenter
12pm Tempio Breil Grif Bamaisin
1pm Gabriel da Silva Donn DeVore
2pm Alazarin Mobius Donn DeVore
3pm Evely Lane Effinjay
4pm Zak Claxton Quartz
Front of the Auditorium

> Meet the Lindens Schedule

  • Sessions will be held at the SL16B Auditorium.
Times: 2pm to 3pm SLT each day Meet the Lindens
Monday 24th June Patch Linden
Tuesday 25th June Oz Linden and and April Linden,
Wednesday 26th, June Ebbe Linden
Thursday 27th June Xiola Linden and Strawberry Linden

SL16B Maps

SL16B Map at the Welcome Area

The SL16B regions look really nice this year. Check them all out ūüôā

SL16B Map – 20th June 2019

SL16B On Social Media 

Don’t forget to to use #SL16B when posting online…

SL16B Useful Links

SL16B official logo

Please spread the word about the fantastic SL16B celebrations happening now.


SL16B: First Look Video

Today a new official SL16B first look video has been uploaded on the official Second Life YouTube channel. The video runs for 1 minute and 13 seconds showing sneak previews of the various areas of the SL16B birthday regions. It looks very nice this year. There are surprises that are still yet to be announced.

Don’t forget SL16B officially opens to the public tomorrow morning at 10am SLT. I’ll be blogging more in the days ahead.

SL16B special Town Hall Q&A events

Linden Lab have added a new SL16B section on the Second Life Destination Guide. There are now planned birthday events, experiences and places of interest to visit next week. SL16B opens on Thursday 20th June.

Linden Lab will be hosting a series of special Town Hall Q&As events during the first week of the birthday celebrations.

All the sessions will be held every day at 2pm SLT/PDT.

  • Patch Linden – 24th June
  • Oz Linden & April Linden – 25th June
  • Ebbe Linden – 26th June
  • Xiola Linden & Strawberry Linden – 27th June

Please spread the word.

RFL of SL 2019: Relay Weekend

It’s Relay Weekend! ūüôā

Starting at 10am SLT today marks the opening ceremony of Relay Weekend in Second Life over at the RFL regions. Relay Weekend is a two day event and it’s one of the biggest events that happens every year in the RFL of SL season. This year marks the 15th year for Relay for Life of Second Life and i’m sure there will be many new records set this time.

Relay Weekend is a fun-filled, overnight event that unites Second Life residents throughout the world to celebrate survivors (anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer), remember loved ones and raise money for the fight against cancer.

Everyone is welcome to participate. The theme for RFL of SL 2019 is All Aboard! For a Cure!.

Are you ready for RELAY WEEKEND?

What is Relay For Life of Second Life? 

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continuously growing in Second Life since 2005. The first Relay For Life of Second Life event was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society. In the year 2010 the event raised over $220,000 US dollars. By 2011, Relay For Life of Second Life reached the one million mark when over 2000 volunteers raised $375,000 US dollars and in 2013 they reached the second million all time fundraising accomplishment. In 2017, Relay For Life of Second Life passed the three million US dollar mark, and as we move into the 2019 Relay weekend, we are past $3.5 million us dollars!

Event Schedule

Saturday 8th June 

OPENING CEREMONY Р10am slt РThe fun-filled weekend begins!

CELEBRATE Р11am slt РThe first lap of Relay weekend begins with the Celebrate Ceremony. featuring a Survivor/Caregiver honor walk.  Please line the track and celebrate our heroes.

REMEMBER Р9pm slt РThe Luminaria Ceremony; a solemn reflection with readings and inspirational music.  Regions are darkened in remembrance of those and their loved ones who have lost or still in their battles with cancer.  All are invited to participate as we walk the track in silence while dedications are read over the media stream.

Sunday 9th June

FIGHT BACK LAP¬†– 6am slt – ¬†Pick up your Fight Back objects and Flags – available in the Weekend Stuff box at the Relay Information Stations along the track. ¬†Join us as we make our fight back pledges to save a life this year; ¬†your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don’t even know yet. ¬†Together we all can FIGHT BACK against cancer.

CLOSING CEREMONY Р10am slt РJoin us as we close out our amazing weekend with a tribute to all that has been accomplished and how we will, as ONE big Relay For Life of Second Life team, continue to fight back and keep our hope alive.


All Ceremonies will be broadcast live on the official broadcast station –¬†

If you cannot get to the ceremony sims, you may listen from your team campsite or from the track, any designer or mega sim area, or you can listen outside of SL at the following URL.  (you can also put in your land at your home or club)

Region Crossing Point

Relay Weekend Regions Map

Relay Weekend regions map – 8th June 2019

Theme Hour Schedule

  • 10 AM ~ Opening Ceremonies
  • 11 AM ~ Survivor/Caregiver Lap
  • NOON – 12:30 ~ Survivor/Caregiver Lap
  • 12.30pm – 1 PM ~ Teams Lap
  • 1PM ~ Teams Lap
  • 2PM ~ Purple
  • 3PM ~ Halloween
  • 4PM ~ All Aboard Uniforms (Conductor, Pilot, Flight attendant. Ship Captain. etc)
  • 5PM ~ All Aboard – 15th Anniversary Lap – Wear any RFL Shirt from years past.. Several are available in the “Stuff Box’ in the Info Stations!
  • 6PM ~ Animal Avatars/Prehistoric/Dinosaurs
  • 7PM ~ Walk your pet/shoulder pets
  • 8PM ~ Formal Wear
  • 9PM ~ Luminaria Ceremony
  • 10 PM ~ Fantasy/Magical
  • 11 PM ~ Game of Thrones
  • MIDNIGHT ~ Midnight Masquerade
  • 1 AM ~ Wear the Rainbow
  • 2 AM ~ Demos!
  • 3 AM ~ Girl/Boy next door (Library outfit)
  • 4 AM ~ Beachwear
  • 5 AM ~ Crazy Hats!
  • 6 AM ~ Fight Back Lap
  • 7 AM ~ PJ Party!
  • 8 AM ~ Mother Earth
  • 9 AM ~ Black and White
  • 11 AM ~ VICTORY LAP ~ Dancing in the Streets
The dock
The musuem
Fire area

Useful Links