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Yoz Linden leaves Linden Lab

SL Breaking News!

According to Yoz Linden Twitter page it seems he has departed Linden Lab and signed out for the last time today. I wish Yoz the best of luck for the future. Yoz will be missed by me and the SL community. Farewell!

Yoz Linden saying Goodbye on Twitter today…

Thanks for everything, Linden Lab; it’s been virtual. Always remember: YOU RUN A FUCKING WORLD. This is Yoz Linden signing out. ONWARDS!

Yoz Linden roles were…

  • Technical Lead for Linden Lab
  • Social applications
  • Web Infrastructure

Yoz Linden office hours snapshot taken years ago…


Fredrik Linden is leaving Linden Lab this friday

Fredrik Linden has announced this week that he will be departing Linden Lab this friday. Fredrik Linden the director of software engineering has been with Linden Lab for 1.5 years and now he’s ready to move on “I’m off to new adventures” – says Fredrik.

Fredrik worked on the SL social profiles at the lab and hosted social user group meetings inworld. It now looks like Nya Linden will be taking over the social user group meetings starting next week.  I wish Fredrik the best of luck for the future.



Courtney Linden and Amanda Linden leaves Linden Lab

Looking through today’s SL social streams it appears that Courtney Linden left Linden Lab on Friday 10th June 2011. Courtney Linden was known for managing large SL community events like Second Life birthdays and more. Updates will appear here soon when I hear more.

I also learnt today that Amanda Linden has left Linden Lab. Amanda was the Community Manager and hosted weekly inworld Community Tools user meetings every Thursday. I was told that Amanda’s LinkedIn confirms shes gone from Linden Lab.

Confirmed today: “[8:44] Lexie Linden: Hi Daniel Amanda is no longer with the Lab.”

Reasons for leaving are still unknown at the moment and its really sad news for the SL community.

Blondin Linden leaves Linden Lab

Just heard the news that Blondin Linden last day at Linden Lab was yesterday, according to this recent Bay City Alliance group notice sent out today. The reason for him leaving is unknown at this stage. Snapshots of Blondin Linden on Flickr here.

Blondin joined Linden Lab in May 2008 and was involved in many different roles and projects at Linden Lab including:

It seems that does not exist anymore. is still up and running for now. I knew Blondin Linden on Twitter, inworld events and during inworld office hours. Blondin will be missed!