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Bellisseria News – Last updated: 14th September 2022

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About Bellisseria

The Bellisseria continent is home to the second generation of Linden Homes which became available in Spring 2019 in Second Life. The Bellisseria continent occupies a large portion of land which covers more than 1, 500+ regions and soon further expansion will happen. The active Bellisseria community is growing every month with new Premium home owners moving in.

In mid August 2018 the first 80 SSP regions arrived on the grid and over time the land mass grew to 384 regions in the months that followed. The Bellisseria continent officially opened to the public on 15th April 2019. Since then the Moles and the lab have worked really hard extending out the Bellisseria continent with new Linden home themes.

Bellisseria offers lovely hangout areas, waterfalls, mountains, windmills, underground tunnels, rez zones, water areas and much more. There are many lovely themes offering home parcels 512sqm or 1024sqm. These Linden Home themes include Traditional Homes, Houseboats, Campers, Victorian Homes, Log Homes, Stilt Homes, Chalets, Fantasy Homes. and Modern homes.

Sakura is the latest new theme that has recently been released.

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