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About Bellisseria

The Bellisseria continent officially opened back on 15th April 2019 to Premium subscribers in Second Life. The first SSP regions appeared on the grid back in mid August 2018. It all started with just 80 SSP regions (SSP1 – SSP80) and back then the regions were only open to Lindens/Moles. Today there are over 800 regions which are open to the public. More new regions are set to arrive later in 2020 on the east side of the continent. 

The new Linden Homes blends across the continent with five different lovely Linden Home style themes. These include Traditional, Houseboats, Trailers/Campers, Victorian homes and more recently with the new Log homes. More new Linden Home themes will be launched later in 2020.

The Bellisseria continent offers so much including a new railway system, airstrips, new community areas, network of roads and waterways. There are events that are held every week and active groups to join. There is something for everybody here. 

Bellisseria Groups To Join

  • Bellisseria Citizens
  • Bellisseria Community
  • Bellisseria Events
  • Bellisseria Life
  • Bellisseria Riding Club
  • Bellisseria Sailing Society 
  • Bellisseria Travel Services 
  • Bellisseria LGBT Community Group
  • Bellisseria Parade
  • Bellisseria Merpeople
  • Bellisseria Aeronauts
  • Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot!
  • More more groups search for “Bellisseria” in search

Useful Links

Bellisseria Map

Bellisseria Map as of 8th May 2020