Bellisseria News (December 2021)

  • New Linden Home Theme – Expected Monday 6th December


Bellisseria Events


Welcome To Bellisseria

Bellisseria Sign

The Bellisseria continent is home to the second generation of Linden Homes which became available in Spring 2019. The Bellisseria continent occupies a large portion of land which covers more than 1, 500+ regions. There are many lovely themes offering home parcels 512sqm or 1024sqm. These Linden Home themes include Traditional Homes, Houseboats, Campers, Victorian Homes, Log Homes, Stilt Homes, Chalets and Fantasy Homes. More Linden Home themes will be launching in the near future.

  • Theme 9 Announcement Expected Soon!

The Bellisseria continent offers a network of navigable waterways, airstrips, roads, new hangout areas, waterfalls, mountains, windmills, underground/water areas and much more. The active Bellisseria community is growing every month with new Premium home owners moving in.

In mid August 2018 the first 80 SSP regions arrived on the grid and over time the land mass grew to 384 regions in the months that followed. The Bellisseria continent officially opened to the public on 15th April 2019. Since then the Moles and the lab have worked really hard extending out the Bellisseria continent with new Linden home themes.

First SSP regions arrive – Mid August 2018
Bellisseria Opening Day – 15th April 2019
Bellisseria Continent – 16th November 2021


Linden Home Theme Releases

Upcoming Themes

  • Theme 11 – To be announced
  • Theme 10 – To be announced
  • Theme 9 – To be announced

Released Themes

  • Fantasy – Announced at SL18B – Reveal on 17th June 2021 – Released 12th August 2021
  • Chalet Homes – Announced at SL Christmas Expo (December 2020) – Reveal on 4th December – Released 30th March 2021
  • Stilt Homes – Announced at SL17B (June 2020) – Reveal on 24th June – Start of release (test regions+) – 21st December
  • Log Homes – Announced at the SL Home & Garden Expo (February 2020) – Released on 1st April 2020
  • Victorian Homes – Announced early December 2019 – Released on 16th December 2019
  • Trailers/Campers – Announced at SL16B (June 2019) – Released on 16th September 2019
  • Traditional & Houseboats – Announced at SL Home & Garden Expo (15th March 2019) – Released on 15th April 2019 


Popular Attractions


Mainland Bellisseria

Logs Sub Continent


  • TBC

Chalet Sub Continent

  • TBC

Fantasy Sub Continent


Bellisseria Groups

  • Bellisseria Citizens – Citizen run social group for those interested in Bellisseria. Stop in to chat, join our parties, events, game nights, and other shenanigans. Not affiliated with or operated by Linden Labs.
  • Bellisseria Events – This group not for businesses, it’s for sending/receiving notices for events, anything happening in Bellisseria that is.
  • Bellisseria Riding Club – Established for the horse enthusiasts of Second Life. We are a group for all riders, from the inexperienced to high level competitors. We are here to exchange ideas, have good conversation, plan tours, and share information on all ridable ways of transport, with a focus on horses and equestrian activities.
  • Bellisseria Sailing Society – A group for fun seeking sailors in the vibrant Bellisseria Community. Contact and meet other nautical people that share a passion for sailing.
  • Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot! – For all those that want to meet up and ride bikes together, drive around together or Scooter around together and even some water sporting around together in the Bellisseria community!.
  • Bellis Blues Cafe – Home of the Bellis Blues Cafe. The only blues venue on the Bellisseria continent! A place of interest in the Bellisseria community. The most exciting thing about Bellis Blues Cafe is the music! Providing patrons a diverse listening pleasure to all genre of music but especially the blues, at the cafe.
  • Bellisseria LGBT Community Group – Our vision is a vibrant, diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community group in Bellisseria in which individuals can realise their full potential and have equal access to what our beautiful continent has to offer.
  • Bellisseria Merpeople – Welcome, we are a Mermaid, Merman & Aquatics community founded in Bellisseria. Beneath the waters of SL exists a world only limited by imagination, a world of limitless creativity. Populated by beautiful, powerful creatures. Actively swimming and exploring the Sea’s, Lakes and Rivers of Bellisseria and all across SL. Come and join the group, have a swim, start a chat, meet new friends as we have fun in the waters of Belli.


Railway Network

The Bellisseria railway can be found on the victorian, logs and chalet sub continents. Most of the railway line is still under going maintenance and is not open to the public to use.

Logs Railway

Chalet Railway Train Stations – as of 24th August 2021


Old Linden Homes

Meadowbrook Infohub

The old Linden Homes continents are still active today. They are all located south of the main grid with infohubs, sandboxes, different themes and many places to discover.

There are many beautiful areas to live across the old Linden Homes continents from parks, water areas, sandboxes, infohubs, themed areas, underwater areas and much more. Yes, there is a lot of empty homes.

The old Linden Homes are still available on the land selection page if you want a old Linden Home in Second Life. The lab have no plans to shut down the old Linden Home continents at this time.




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