Latest Developments – (last update: 26th September 2020)

  • The Moles are building new Linden homes on the south and east coast of the log homes continent
  • The Moles are extending the railway line down south on the log homes continent

New Stilt Linden Homes

  • The Moles will be releasing new SSP regions later this year followed by main releases. Patch Linden announced the Stilt Linden home back on 23rd June 2020.
  • At least two new Linden home themes are being worked on.
  • Once Second Life is in the cloud later this year then things will start progressing again.
Stilt Linden Homes (coming late 2020)

Welcome To Bellisseria

The first 80 SSP regions (SSP1 – SSP80) appeared on the grid back in mid August 2018.

The Bellisseria continent officially opened back on 15th April 2019 to Premium subscribers in Second Life. The Bellisseria continent offers lovely new Linden homes with beautiful views and new places to explore. Featuring a new railway system, airstrips, new community areas, network of roads and waterways. Join the Bellisseria groups to find out whats going on around the new continent.

The Linden Homes blends across the continent with five different lovely Linden Home style themes. These include Traditional, Houseboats, Trailers/Campers, Victorian and Log homes. The Moles are adding more Linden Homes in the weeks ahead.

New Linden Homes will show on the land selection page.

Campers/Trailers Release

Bellisseria Groups To Join

  • Bellisseria Citizens
  • Bellisseria Community
  • Bellisseria Events
  • Bellisseria Life
  • Bellisseria Riding Club
  • Bellisseria Sailing Society 
  • Bellisseria Travel Services 
  • Bellisseria LGBT Community Group
  • Bellisseria Parade
  • Bellisseria Merpeople
  • Bellisseria Aeronauts
  • Bellisseria Bike, Drive & Scoot!
  • More more groups search for “Bellisseria” in search

Bellisseria Railway Stations

Here is a useful list of bellisseria railway stations from one end of the line to the other. 

Last updated: 7th July 2020


Red Hook (end of line) Hook/95/141/32

Shallow Springs Springs/169/232/55

Chippewa Junction Junction/105/145/64


The Beaten Path Beaten Path/97/82/30

Campwich Forest Forest/78/56/40



Randelsham Forest (end of line) Forest/149/96/69

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