More snapshots of OSG5B

2 days left and counting until OSG5B Lani Global from OSgrid has uploaded many amazing OSG5B Images Photos Textures to celebrate OSgrid 5th birthday celebrations starting this weekend. In the forum post Lani says the following about these snapshots… Here are some OSG5B region photos I made on 18 July 2012, before the celebration started. Feel free … Continue reading More snapshots of OSG5B

OSG5B sneak preview

Osgrid will be celebrating it’s 5th birthday on Friday 20th July until Tuesday 24th July 2012 which is going to be awesome and bigger than ever before. This is another major milestone for Osgrid to reach it’s 5th birthday. OSG5B has 7 regions dedicated to the birthday with OSG5B exhibits to visit and there will be many live … Continue reading OSG5B sneak preview

OSG5B celebrations party dates

OSgrid will be celebrating it’s fifth birthday celebration later this month and party dates have now been announced. OSG5B celebrations take place on Friday 20th July to Tuesday 24th July 2012, according to Nebadon Izumi. OSG5B sims are already online and final preparations are taking place currently. Stay tuned for more updates soon on my blog. 🙂 Details about … Continue reading OSG5B celebrations party dates

OSG7B starts on 26th-27th July 2014

OSG7B celebrations will be held on 26th-27th July 2014. There will be two regions for this year named OSG7E and OSG7BW with 15 plots in each with the plot size being 1583m and with the prim allowance being 483 prims for each plot. If you are interested in a parcel for building an exhibit for OSG7B then … Continue reading OSG7B starts on 26th-27th July 2014

Happy 5th birthday OSGrid

OSGrid is now officially 5 years old and birthday celebrations take place all this weekend. Sign up for a OSGrid account or log into OSGrid to enjoy the 5th birthday of OSGrid. OSG5B events and exhibitions will be held from 20th -24th July 2012 at the OSG5B regions and here is the timetable schedule below. … Continue reading Happy 5th birthday OSGrid