Second Life User Daily Concurrency – March 2023 Update

The Second Life user daily concurrency levels for March 2023 so far have been averaging between 28, 000 (min) to 52, 000 (max). The levels seem to be stable at the moment with the median figure between 36, 000 to 43, 000. It’s expected that the concurrency levels will drop slightly during the summer months and then rise in the winter like in previous years. We will have to see what happens this year.

* Will it surpass 55, 000 or 60, 000 at peak during 2023 ? It’s not reached these levels for some time. It can happen though with enough interest and commitment staying logged into Second Life.

March 2023 Second Life User Daily Concurrency Levels – as of 13th March

  • Maximum: 46, 000 to 52, 000 – (average)
  • Median: 36, 000 to 43, 000 – (average)
  • Minimum: 28, 000 to 30, 000 – (average)

Data supplied from the Second Life Grid Survey. I will post more updates as 2023 goes on.


One thought on “Second Life User Daily Concurrency – March 2023 Update

  1. Thank you, Daniel! It’s good to see these numbers. They’re consistent with what I’ve seen.
    The good news is that SL isn’t fading out!
    The moderating news is that SL isn’t growing either. I wonder to what degree new avatars are replacing retiring avatars? Versus to what extent there are very few truly new avatars and the stability comes from the bulk of SL True Believers continuing to login month after month and year after year?
    I’m sure I don’t even have to say that in spite of terrible FPS and debilitating lag, SL will, for use few true believers, probably always be better than whatever Meta and the other horsemen of the apocalypse offer in the future.

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