16 Years Later In Second Life

My 16th rez day in Second Life was back on 31st October. It’s crazy to think that so much has happened and changed over the 16 years since I first signed up to Second Life. I started blogging about Second Life from December 2007 and since then my blog has become popular over the years.

Thanks for the support over the years because I really appreciate it and all the feedback. I transferred to the main grid back in mid December 2008 when I turned 18. I thought the transfer process was pretty fast and I remember so many wanted to welcome me to the big adult grid.

I have seen Second Life change a lot during the past 16 years…

  • Viewer 2 launch & roll out
  • Merge of the teen grid
  • Introduction of Windlight, Mesh, Bento etc
  • Migration of Second Life to the cloud
  • Launch of Premium Plus
  • Roll out of the 2nd generation Linden Homes
  • Closure of the mentor program
  • Linden Lab layoffs
  • The name change of office hours to user group hours
  • The change of Linden Lab CEOs (Philip, M, Rodvik & sad passing of Ebbe
  • And more..

I still think Second Life is still the best virtual world out there today and that it will be around for many years to come. As many know already next year marks Second Life 20th birthday celebrations which is a pretty impressive milestone.

Stay tumed for more blog posts soon.