New Premium Levels Coming Soon

Linden Lab are working on new Premium levels after the successful take-up of Premium Plus. The lab are looking to deploy the first of Premium levels by the end of 2022.

The news came from this week’s web user meeting for reference. Watch the whole meeting here including other Second Life project updates too.

The lab will be making a formal announcement about the new Premium levels (side versions) and what’s included by early November 2022 at the earliest depending on progress of course. In 2023 there could be multiple subscription levels and options to pick from.

Generally speaking more news about Premium levels should be announced by the start of November 2022 (it could be pushed back).

Keep a look out on the Second Life blog and via inworld user group meetings.

3 thoughts on “New Premium Levels Coming Soon

  1. MORE Premium Levels?? Wow! I have Regular Premium which I think is a good deal. Premium Plus seems OK, but for me I think it’s a bit worse deal then Regular Premium. Maybe it’s useful for some avis.

    More levels certainly doesn’t hurt me, but it seems like a lot of focus on how to slice the same thing up to sell us in different ways. Meanwhile the usual complaints: chat lag, lag lag, slow rez, single-digit FPS even with expensive graphics cards. I think SL will always have a unique freedom that Zuckerbergverse, et al. will never come close to, but I pay for that freedom everyday with slow performance. I have a pretty good Ryzen 3950 CPU, but SL only uses 1 of its 16 cores, so 15 cores sit there doing nothing.

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    1. Thanks Aero.

      I guess we will find out more about Premium Levels (options) within the next month or so. The lab have not yet released anything more official yet. It may be useful or not but have to wait and see.

      Zuckerbergverse has not really taken off as I thought it might of done. Time will tell on that.


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