Second Life Premium Plus Members Who Use SpeedLight Get More Benefits

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On Tuesday 4th October Linden Lab officially announced that Premium Plus members who use the SpeedLight to access Second Life will now get more benefits.

The new benefits include the following…

  • Unlimited online time at SpeedLight
  • Advanced 3D World view
  • Prioritised support (tickets and live chat)

Having unlimited online time sounds pretty good along with advanced 3D World View with more support. The Speedlight mobile app has been around for awhile now and its already proving popular with the Second Life community.

The Speedlight app is on Android and IOS along with the web browser version. In corporation with Linden Lab – v25 (September 2022) update:

The Speedlight mobile app is already popular with many of our community members since it enables Residents to stay connected with Second Life while on the go, and now Premium Plus subscribers get access to additional Speedlight benefits: no online time limitations along with prioritised online support. Now you can enjoy Second Life on your mobile devices (or in a web browser) with the freedom to stay connected as long as you like! To get these benefits, all you need to do is access Second Life using SpeedLight with your Premium Plus account

SpeedLight is free! The only limitation is 6 hour online time (you can re-login immediately). The additional Gold facility adds unlimited online time to your avatar”.

SpeedLight features:- Second Life search- friends list- local chat, group chats, IMs- IM autoresponder- group management- inventory management- L$ transactions history- and other Second Life featuresGold (premium) features:- advanced 3D- unlimited online time- mass IMs- message templates- mass messaging”.

Please spread the word and give it a go on the SpeedLight app. Feel free to post your views in the comments section below.