Newbrooke: North Houseboats Extension Update (11/9/22)

New houseboats extension update

For the past few months the Moles have been working hard over at the new houseboats extension north of the Newbrooke sub continent just west of the Satori continent in Second Life. Hundreds of new houseboats are have already been placed there and more are on the way on the north/east side areas soon.

The new formed water channel from the south (SSPSloop John B) to the north (SSPTiedown Inlet) looks good which actually flows into the new connection regions SSPSteady On and SSPDeep Anchor linking it to the Satori continent. Many have used the new airstrip (two new runways) in the SSPShell Yeah region flying all over the Bellisseria continent. It’s unclear what will fill the huge blue void will be used for in the far south.

New batch of 15 SSP regions arrived on the east coast of the log homes continent earlier in September 2022 starting with the SSPOrillas Nuevas region highlighted in yellow. More Stilt Linden homes have been added in these regions.

New SSP regions arrive on the grid

Good progress is still being made and more new development is in the works until the end of 2022. Yay! 🙂


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