2 Months Later

It’s been two months since my activity dropped in Second Life due to RL issues but the good news is that now I’m back from a two month break basically. I have missed Second Life and it’s good to be back again blogging about the big news and events.

I missed SL19B, Relay Weekend, the launch of Premium Plus, event regions pricing news and other events but I will be catching up on that in the days ahead. The Bellisseria continent has expanded out further during the past few months which is great to see and I will be tracking it’s growth progress again very soon.

More blog posts coming soon.

Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “2 Months Later

    1. I’m back now. Thanks Kween.

      Yeah I missed Second Life alot but needed to sort out my mental health sadly over the past few months. I would of been back start of this week but I had covid-19 tested positive. I’m feeling better now thank god.


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