Linden Lab Announces New Event Regions

On Monday 2nd May 2022 Linden Lab announces new “Event Regions” in Second Life via the Second Life official blog. After successful testing at recent large events the lab are excited to present this new event region offerings today with details on the capabilities and what’s included. The tests recently saw nearly 200 avatars successfully able to party/shop in the new event regions apparently. It’s not clear from the tests what the lag was like though.


  • Introductory price of $599 with no additional setup fee until 6th June 2022
  • Following introductory pricing event regions will have a set up fee of US$999 includes first month and a rate of $899/month after the first 30 days

What’s New ?

For some these prices are pretty expensive to be honest but it does include a fair amount of benefits in this. It’s great to hear that in the event regions they can now have a maximum avatar limit of 175 per Event region with up to 30, 000 land impact. The new Event region comes with over 20% improved script performance, rollbacks as a service and instancing as a service. There is extended chat ranges upon request which means local chat will travel further across the region. This comes with the white glove Concierge service.

How to order a Event Region today:

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One thought on “Linden Lab Announces New Event Regions

  1. This is nice to see, with lots of perks, but due to the high cost, is clearly not geared toward the typical SL user. I see this being used by those who perhaps hold large music or shopping events. This will also probably give LL a huge boost in revenue if successful. Only time will tell.

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