Second Life University – Land & Group Basics with Izzy Linden

For anyone that missed the new Second Life University – Land & Group Basics episode with Izzy Linden then here is the full video which lasts for 25 minutes & 1 second. There are many interesting topics covered in this video including general information about land tips, region capacity vs parcel capacity, region settings override, buying mainland and much more.

I think the Second Life University video series so far has been great as there is important information for new beginners who are starting Second Life. It’s good for those that want a tutorial refresh that have been around in Second Life for many years.

In general it’s good to see interest from Linden Lab towards the existing, new and potential customer base. If the Second Life University can keep on the same levels as the famous Torley Linden video tutorials that would be awesome.

For anyone that missed Second Life University – Viewer Basics here is the full video below. Topics include text chat, the new guidebook, destinations, lag tips, snapshots and much more.

Please spread the word about the new Second Life University video series. It will make a positive difference and will provide to be pretty useful.