Check Out The Newbrooke Station

Newbrooke Station – NEW

The Moles have built a new train station called the Newbrooke Station which is located in the Allrutti region just above Newbank community area. There is a railway track on both sides but it’s not finished yet. It looks nice from first glance around and fits in well with the Newbank community center next door. There is a rez zone next to the Newbrooke Station which is handy I think.

Newbrooke will have it’s own rail service very soon including switches, signals, crossings, sidings for passing and further connections. It would be lovely to see Newbrooke railway connected with the Chalet sub continent railway network at some point.

Keep a look out for new railway developments around here in the weeks ahead. Yay.

First Preview

Newbrooke station platform
New railway line

What do you think of Newbrooke Station ?