Tempura Island Preserved By Linden Lab

Tempura Island – 11th April 2022

Tempura Island in Second Life has been officially preserved by Linden Lab during the past week which is excellent news. Tempura Island was first established back in 2008 and has been a popular destination since then. The lab made the decision to maintain the region and add it to “The Second Life Region Preservation Society” which already includes the SS Galaxy, Mont Saint-Michel, The Lost Gardens of Apollo, Svarga, The Shelter and Chouchou.

Here is the announcement made in the Tempura group…

Dear Tempura Island friends, lovers and visitors.

We like to inform you, that after our decisions to close TEMPURA, we have been reached by LL and made decision and accept to maintain our region by joining “The Second Life Region Preservation Society” provided by Linden Lab. We have received so many messages from SL residents about closing TEMPURA and we are very happy that TEMPURA will still exist.

Please enjoy TEMPURA sim as you have been for all these years.  We like to express our grateful to Linden Lab who recognize and decide to keep TEMPURA as part of SL existence.

Thank you everyone who love TEMPURA sim!  

Here is the confirmation via Second Life Twitter page on 8th April 2022 of the return of Tempura Island.

It’s great to see another well known region saved in Second Life. Yay! 🙂