Second Life Premium Plus Delayed Until May 2022

There was mention last month that the lab would announce something about Second Life Premium Plus by the end of March 2022. The lab had to push out their dates a little bit because the upgrade was “sticky” and they are not exactly sure what it will look like.

Approval has been made which is good news. The lab are still working out the important details currently. The teams at the lab will have together and give the green light before anything official happens.

The direction that the lab is going in is that the lab will maintain current review dates and the current billing cycle will stay unchanged. There will be a pro rated charge amount for the rest of the billing cycle (6 month contract etc). Subject to change of course.

As of today’s web user meeting Premium Plus announcement (target for release) is pushed back by a month meaning sometime in May 2022 according to Reed Linden. The update was made at the start of the meeting.

  • More end of May 2022
  • Reed mentioned that there will be more stipends, larger land grants, larger signup bonuses, reduced fees on certain things, more groups – numbers to be confirmed

The announcement will most likely be made in the Second Life official blog within the next month or so now. Keep a watch out for it.


Linden Lab Announces Second Life University

On Wednesday 6th April Linden Lab announced “a new project that aims to teach people all about the vast virtual world of Second Life!”. The lab says that “this is a huge project that will take time, and we’re excited to work on and collaborate with the community to make it easily understandable and fun”.

This sounds great for all those that want to learn the basics of Second Life with updated resources. For anyone that wants to learn about building, scripting, photography and viewer bssics this may be something for you. I personally think that this project will be successful if the demand/interest is there.

I think all the welcome islands, help islands, welcome areas etc should be updated with updated resources. This will help them understand Second Life more I believe.

The first interactive livestream starts at 2pm SLT on Thursday 7th April 2022 starting of with the Second Life Viewer Basics. Watch the livestream below when it airs.

Do you like the sound of this new project ?

Second Life Resident Signups Data Returns

It appears that the Second Life resident signups API data has returned on the Second Life Grid Survey, SL Stats and the API Second Life page. The newest data started to come in from 15th March 2022 up to 4th April 2022 on the Second Life Grid Survey. For some reason between late October 2020 to mid March 2022 the data stopped.

There have been roughly 2 million resident signups since 21st October 2020 if this data this correct. If this trend continues then Second Life would reach 70 million resident signups by 2025/2026.

  • 4th April 2022: 66, 568, 939
  • 21st October 2020: 64, 687, 961
  • 4th December 2009: 17, 456, 832 (first data published)

I just wonder how long the data will be keep on being published and I hope that it stays switched on for historical purposes. I will check it from time to time to see if the data api is running and will report back later in the year.

Second Life Grid Survey – As of 4th April 2022

SL Stats – As of 6th April 2022

Second Life API – As of 6th April 2022

Do you think this data is correct from the sources above ? Let me know in comments below.