Update: Newbrooke Sub Continent New Extension

This week the 35 new Newbrooke regions up north are now apparently showing up on the world map which is good news. Last week the regions arrived but were not visible on the map. It appears 10 more new regions have been added this week.

The 10 new regions are Tutti Fruit, Alrutti, Womp, Bomp, Baloombomp, Ballomp, Bamp, Boomp, Thimble Pond Farms and Take Five.

The regions have landscaping, house parcels, many edge roads are cut off and it’s important to mention that the Moles are working on adding Modern homes in the days/weeks ahead. The release of these new Linden Homes is expected to be released later in April 2022.

Le Corbusier 
Amusing Grace

Newbrooke Linden Theme timeline so far…

  • Modern theme announced at SL Christmas Expo 2021 back on early December 2021
  • Modern regions arrive on the grid in early February 2022
  • On Thursday 3rd March Patch Linden announced the release of the new Newbrooke Linden Home theme
  • 12 new Modern regions added in early March 2022
  • 35 new Modern regions added in early April 2022
  • 10 new Modern regions added in early April 2022

Its good to see the Newbrooke sub continent growing in terms of the community and the steady growth of regions.

I will blog more soon.


4 thoughts on “Update: Newbrooke Sub Continent New Extension

  1. OMG, who’s supposed to live in all those new regions? Is SL growing so madly? Or have the current residents lost all creativity and initiative?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “There is creativity around on the grid.”

      But obviously not at the resis’ own homes. They too lazy to even rezz a reasonable dwelling now?


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