Flickr Updates Terms Of Service

On 17th March 2022 Flickr announced some new terms of service and there has been some confusion about it. The part where it says “we’re limiting free accounts to 50 non-public photos (e.g. photos marked as private, friends, family, or friends and family” is not right.

On the same day via Flickr official Twitter account they have actually said “The free limit is remaining at 1000 photos. The change is that only a maximum of 50 images can be marked as private on free accounts“. Hopefully this should clear things up now.

I think the Flickr announcement needs to be changed as soon as possible because many thought that Flickr would limit free accounts to just 50 photos. I think personally Flickr has gone down hill in recent years especially when SmugMug purchased Flickr back in April 2018+.

I used to use Flickr a lot pre-2019 for adventures around Second Life but nowadays I upload stuff now and then. I preferred when free accounts had the ability to upload more than 1, 000 photos without being deleted. In the mean time I will remain being a free member until things change in the near future hopefully. I will review upgrading to Flickr Pro if the limits get raised again.

I have added my new Flickr photos on my blog on the right hand side along with the Flickr link in the social links area.

Price Breakdown For Flickr Pro

  • 2 Year Plan: £4.66/month – billed every two years
  • Annual Plan: £5/month – billed annually
  • Monthly Plan: £6.99/month

Other Photo Sharing Sites

Imgur, Instagram, Twitter, 500px, Google Photos, Amazon Prime Photos and ImageShack are some interesting photo sharing sites to try out.

What do you think of new Flickr TOS ?

5 thoughts on “Flickr Updates Terms Of Service

  1. Ive moved to my alternate SL twitter to post pics, there’s a great userbase myself included that enjoy making artistic “sometimes” tasteful moderate or restricted pictures & can’t afford Pro, All I can say to Flickr is Iam sorry but restricting settings to a pay only feature is not “preserving art” 😡

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  2. People really need to read the fine print more carefully. I clearly understood that the limit for 50 images was for non-public posts. Keeping 1000 public images for free is still fine for me. I am just unsettled by how they will determine what is “moderate” and “unsafe” i.e. how much does skin exposure play into this? Ugh and don’t get me started on boob vs maie chest exposure.

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  3. Also in the changes they put on their blog :
    “In 2018 we announced that free accounts containing over 1,000 photos and/or videos would have content actively deleted. In the years since, we haven’t deleted a single photo that was over the limit. Not ONE. Instead we chose to invest back into our community, because your photos are what make this place great.

    This decision to place a limit on non-public, moderate, and restricted photos allows us to preserve and encourage the inspiring public photos free members contribute to Flickr, while also freeing up resources to focus on making our Pro communities stronger than ever.”

    For me it means that they want to continue to avoid deleting pictures over the 1000 pictures limit.

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  4. Over this past weekend I saw a ton of new SL peeps appear on Twitter and I can only assume that a call went out to non-Pro Flickr users to migrate.
    I can’t understand this. Twitter is an absolutely awful place to do photography sharing. First and foremost, the display of images in Twitter posts behaves inconsistently. Sometimes cropped, sometimes not. The general rule of thumb for correct aspect display is 1200 x 675. Who creates photos in that size?
    And there is no curation on Twitter. A user’s photos are going to be lost in a stream of other SL photos, comments, content that Twitter thinks you’ll be interested to see (including ads), and memes, links to news articles and cat pictures. There is no concept of gallery on Twitter.
    And if you’ve ever thought griefing was a problem in-world, wait until you meet up with the bullying that goes on in Twitter.

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