Flickr Updates Terms Of Service

On 17th March 2022 Flickr announced some new terms of service and there has been some confusion about it. The part where it says “we’re limiting free accounts to 50 non-public photos (e.g. photos marked as private, friends, family, or friends and family” is not right.

On the same day via Flickr official Twitter account they have actually said “The free limit is remaining at 1000 photos. The change is that only a maximum of 50 images can be marked as private on free accounts“. Hopefully this should clear things up now.

I think the Flickr announcement needs to be changed as soon as possible because many thought that Flickr would limit free accounts to just 50 photos. I think personally Flickr has gone down hill in recent years especially when SmugMug purchased Flickr back in April 2018+.

I used to use Flickr a lot pre-2019 for adventures around Second Life but nowadays I upload stuff now and then. I preferred when free accounts had the ability to upload more than 1, 000 photos without being deleted. In the mean time I will remain being a free member until things change in the near future hopefully. I will review upgrading to Flickr Pro if the limits get raised again.

I have added my new Flickr photos on my blog on the right hand side along with the Flickr link in the social links area.

Price Breakdown For Flickr Pro

  • 2 Year Plan: £4.66/month – billed every two years
  • Annual Plan: £5/month – billed annually
  • Monthly Plan: £6.99/month

Other Photo Sharing Sites

Imgur, Instagram, Twitter, 500px, Google Photos, Amazon Prime Photos and ImageShack are some interesting photo sharing sites to try out.

What do you think of new Flickr TOS ?


Fantasy Faire 2022 Blogger Applications Now Open

Great news to share today is that the Fantasy Faire 2022 blogger applications are now open and you can apply here. The Fantasy Faire is a huge charity event in Second Life benefiting the American Cancer Society. It offers live performances, immersive quests, auctions, Literary Festival events, roleplay, games, shopping and much more. There is a Discord group or the inworld group while we wait for the event to start.

The 2022 Fantasy Faire will open to the public on Thursday 21st April 2022 through until Sunday 8th May 2022. For more event details please read the press release below and spread the word around the grid. Thanks.

* * Fantasy Faire 2022, April 21 – May 8* *
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Many Realms – One Vision.
Fantasy Faire 2022: Building a World Without Cancer

Since 2009, Fantasy Faire has been the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players, and performers in the virtual world of Second Life®. It is also one of the most successful Relay For Life (RFL) fundraising teams worldwide. The 2021 Faire ranked 19th out of 5,000 RFL teams around the globe. Over its fourteen years, the Faire has raised close to $530,000 US Dollars, or over L$133,250,000 Linden Dollars.

For the past five years, the Faire has dedicated its fundraising efforts to the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) global service and support programs, including the recently launched project BEACON (Building Expertise, Advocacy, and Capacity for Oncology Navigation).

A partnership with nine health institutions and organizations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, BEACON builds on the success of similar ACS programs in the US and elsewhere. The project answers the call from healthcare professionals and cancer patients in those areas for life-saving information that can dramatically increase survival rates. “Fantasy Faire is one of the cornerstones of our vital work,” says Kristie McComb, Managing Director of Global Capacity Development and Patient Support at the ACS. “It’s an inspiring example of a global community working together to address a global challenge.”

The Faire has long been considered the premier annual shopping event for fantasy-themed merchandise in Second Life, showcasing fantasy avatars, clothing, furnishings, gadgets, and exclusive items by 250 of the grid’s top fantasy creators. In addition, Faire visitors enjoy dance and theater performances; attend auctions, art galleries, and a Literary and Film Festival; and share in an interactive quest and roleplaying events and classes.

Fantasy Faire Radio provides the soundtrack for visitors exploring the Fairelands, featuring music from blockbuster fantasy films along with a rich variety of world music traditions. A second radio station, “Live at the Fairechylde” features DJs spinning an upbeat, eclectic mix of tracks including classic rock, club music, jazz, blues, and pop hits. In 2021, more than 30,000 unique listeners tuned in from over 150 countries around the world.

It all comes to life again this year when the Fairelands return on April 21st. “I’m always deeply moved that a realm made of ones and zeros has become home to a global community capable of affecting positive change for all humankind” says Elizabeth Tinsley, Executive Director of Fantasy Faire. “It doesn’t stop at the border between the virtual and the physical. In fact, that’s where the real magic truly starts.”

Fantasy Faire 2022 will be open to the public April 21 – May 8. The SLurl to the event will be found on the website on our opening day. We welcome you to come and join the story.

Fantasy Faire 2022 is made possible by the generous support of our Region and Event Sponsors, all of whom you can learn more about on the Faire’s website. For more information please contact one of the Faire coordinators:

Are you or a loved one battling cancer? Find out how many ways the American Cancer Society is there to help. Visit or call (US) 800-227-2345.

RFL in SL:

American Cancer Society SLurl:

Virtual Cultures In Pandemic Times

Draxtor Despres will be premiering his new full length documentary named Virtual Cultures in Pandemic Times at 1pm PT/SLT on Saturday 2nd April 2022. It will happening on YouTube and inworld. You can register interest on the main website here.

Since March 2020 Draxtor has been following a number of researchers based in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine to find out how COVID-19 is reshaping online interactions globally. The full documentary is 85 minutes long and it will be showcasing everyday challenges during the global crisis, the impact it’s had on virtual worlds and much more.

Here are some more details about the new documentary via the website.

Virtual Cultures in Pandemic Times is a new feature length documentary by media maker Draxtor.

Since March 2020, Draxtor has been following researchers Tom Boellstorff, Evan Conaway, Chandra Middleton and Sandy Wenger (based in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine) around Animal Crossing and Second Life to find out how COVID-19 is reshaping online interaction.

In the 85 minute film, protagonists from all over the world speak openly about their anxieties and everyday challenges during this global crises and about what virtual worlds and social games mean to them in the context of a pandemic.

Mixed reality interviews and group discussions provide the basis for a sprawling narrative: a mosaic of impressions, shared by people from all walks of life, some well known figures from science, arts and culture, some just regular folks (like the research team itself), trying to make sense of a new age dominated by uncertainty and physical isolation.

More work in progress clips and exclusive behind the scenes material is coming soon. Stay tuned for that.

Please check back for more information, we will add work-in-progress clips and exclusive behind-the-scenes material as time allows. We have entered post production and are moving to finish the film as fast as we can.

Don’t forget to sign up for the in-world and online premiere which will happen in SL and on YouTube at 1pm Pacific Time on April 2nd, 2022.

Please spread the word about the premier happening early next month.