SL19B Theme Is Steampunk & Applications Now Open

On Thursday 17th March Linden Lab officially announced details for the upcoming 19th annual Second Life birthday celebrations (SL19B) which will be held from 16th June through until 5th July 2022. The theme for SL19B is Steampunk!. There will be “three fun-filled weeks of live music, performances, shopping and amazing community exhibits!” this year.

Applications are now open for SL19B Performers (apply before 8th May) and for those interested taking part in the SL19B Music Fest happening 16th to 18th June 2022 (apply before 10th April). Applications will open soon for Volunteers, Exhibitors and Merchants. The lab will announce those applications within the next month or so.

SL19B Logo

The full blog announcement about SL19B…

Save the date! On June 23rd, Second Life will be turning 19! The 19th annual Second Life birthday celebration (SL19B) will be held from June 16th to July 5th. The theme for SL19B festivities is Steampunk! Get ready for three fun-filled weeks of live music, performances, shopping, and amazing community exhibits!

To get things started we are opening applications for Music Fest, to be held June 16th-18th. Music Fest will kick off the overall SL19B celebration with three days of live music performances featuring some of the most talented live musicians in SL!
To sign up for a Music Fest audition, please complete this application form by April 10th, 2022.

We are also opening up applications for the general performance schedule. Why celebrate for one day when we can party for a week! We are looking for all types of performers to join the week-long festivities from June 19th-26th. Are you a DJ who can spin up a great party set or a live performer who can jam all night? You might be one of the grid’s amazing Dance companies, or perhaps you’re a Particle Performer? One of the things that makes Second Life so vibrant and exciting is the wide range of performers who share their talent with our Residents. Whatever your medium, we would love to hear from you!

Fill out the official performer application form by May 8th, 2022 and tell us a little about how you roll.

While we encourage all interested performers to sign up, please note that it does not guarantee a spot. We will review all submissions and extend audition invitations via a follow up note in-world to the SL username that you provide.

Over the next few months, keep an eye on our blog for more opportunities to participate in the SL19B celebrations as an Exhibitor, Volunteer, and Merchant!

Performer Application – Applications close on May 8th, 2022 
Music Fest Application – Applications close on April 10th, 2022

Please spread the word and if you can please participate in one of the biggest Second Life events of 2022. In the mean time planning has started for SL19B it appears. I will blog more on SL19B when new developments happen.