SL19B applications Opening Soon

On Monday 14th March 2022 Mischievous Mole posted this group notice to the Second Life Birthday group inworld (8, 537 members) announcing that the lab are about to open up applications for SL19B (Second Life 19th Birthday). Mischievous Mole says it’s worth keeping eyes on the official Second Life blog in the next few weeks for more information including ways to get involved with the birthday celebrations.

Group Notice

Hello everyone!

I suspect people are starting to wonder what’s up with this year’s Birthday celebrations. Squeaky and I are deep in the planning stage and just about ready to open up applications. Watch the blog for information coming in the next few weeks for all the opportunities to get involved this year!

Missy πŸ™‚

SL19B Dates

I have already blogged about the SL19B dates here.

On the Second Life public calendar if you fast forward to June 2022 the dates for SL19B have already been officially confirmed. It appears that for the 2022 Second Life 19th birthday celebrations will take place from Thursday 16th June to Tuesday 5th July 2022.

SLB Regions

The “SLB” regions are still on the grid from last year it appears and they are closed for public access until June 2022. In the south east nearby there are four SLB Planning regions that are new which is interesting. I will be watching this area closely over the next few months or so.


It would be great to see the return of meet the Lindens series and maybe have three weeks of birthday events and more regions this year. It would be good to see more press coverage about it around the world. I think having a planning SL19B and SL20B planning group would be most useful just like the weekly user group office hours.

Previous Birthday Themes

  • SL1B β€“ Second Life First Year Anniversary Gala
  • SL2B β€“ Giant museum displaying various large builds, pictures of SL over time
  • SL3B β€“ Hooray for diversity and Looking towards the future
  • SL4B β€“ β€œera” of SL
  • SL5B β€“ SL Culture
  • SL6B β€“ The Future of Virtual Worlds
  • SL7B β€“ Unexpected Collaborations
  • SL8B β€“ Magic of Second Life
  • SL9B β€“ Community – (resident run event)
  • SL10B β€“ Looking Forward. Looking Back β€“ (resident run event+)
  • SL11B β€“ The empires of the future, are the empires of the mind
  • SL12B β€“ What Dreams May Come 
  • SL13B – The Shared Adventure
  • SL14B – Carnivalesque 
  • SL15B – Crystal
  • SL16B – Sweet Sixteen
  • SL17B – Road Trips and Vacations
  • SL18B – Hidden Worlds
  • SL19B – To be confirmed
  • SL20B – To be confirmed next year

I can’t wait to hear more about SL19B and blog about it.