Linden Lab Makes Statement On Ukraine

On Friday 4th March 2022 Linden Lab made a official statement on Ukraine which is worth reading. The lab will be supporting eligible Ukrainian-based community members by granting them a temporary 30-day moratorium on recurring account fees like land maintenance frees and Premium Membership.

I personally think this is a nice gesture from Linden Lab and hopefully this support will make a positive difference in the short term. It’s horrible and heartbreaking to see war happening in the east. It’s an invasion and it’s war!.

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Linden Lab strives to make positive change in the world by helping people connect, discover themselves, and grow both personally and financially. Ultimately, we build and support communities. Therefore, it is especially shocking to see the actions in Ukraine, to see the unwarranted attacks on people – on communities. We are heartbroken and horrified by the situation in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it has perpetuated. We are a proudly diverse team, and many of us have ties to these events – historically, emotionally, professionally, and socially. Our products reach worldwide, and many of our partners and customers are directly affected by this crisis. 

As a leadership team, this crisis has challenged us to better define and embrace what we believe to be the core principles at Linden Lab – our TAO so to speak.

Specifically, our TAO says:


Our work brings people together, builds communities. Our work helps people understand who they are, helps them be better. Our work brings empathy, helps people see the world through others’ eyes. Settle for nothing less than changing the world for the better.

We intend to live up to this principle, and while there is much work to be done, we are starting with: 

* Providing financial support for humanitarian crisis aid through a donation to the Red Cross Ukraine and HIAS
* Supporting independent journalism in Ukraine through a donation to Keep Ukraine’s Media Going
* Supporting free speech in Russia through a donation to Meduza and OVD-INFO 

Effective Monday, we will be further supporting our eligible Ukrainian-based community members by granting them a temporary 30-day moratorium on recurring account fees such as Premium Membership and Land Maintenance fees.  We will review this again after 30 days and assess what we can do as next steps where necessary. We invite any of our Ukraine-based community members to contact support with any specific questions they may have.

Finally, we encourage our community to look at ways that they can help show their support. It is heartening to see the Second Life community come together to support each other with numerous inworld events and helpful initiatives that bring us together as a force for good in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Well done Linden Lab.