Second Life Home & Garden Expo 2022 – 26th February to 20th March

Home & Garden Expo Regions 2022

The upcoming Second Life Home and Garden Expo starts this weekend on Saturday 26th February through until Sunday 20th March 2022. The Home and Garden Expo is one of the most popular running events in Second Life. The goal is supporting Relay For Life through it’s fundraising efforts from sponsorships, contests, donation items, entertainment, exhibitor fees and much more. There will be loads of volunteers helping at this event so give them a friendly hello.

The entertainment schedule will be published very soon including discussions, talks and entertainment. The 2022 stores are listed here with the region names next to them. The expo regions (Hope 1-9) are located next to the American Cancer Society region in the east.

The expo offers something for anyone who is looking for new ideas for their new home from furnishing and décor to seeing the latest home trends in Second Life. This is a great opportunity for those that want to improve on their building skills etc.

This week Patch Linden has said that there will be no scheduled showings and are not part of the event this year relating to new Linden Home themes. See update here.

The Newbrooke theme, and the following theme will be released when we are ready to release them.  They have nothing to do with Home & Garden, we are not part of the event this year, and the Moles and I do not have any scheduled showings at the event.

Stay tuned for further updates in the next few days or so on the Home & Garden Expo website.