Andrew (Leviathan) Linden Returns

Andrew Linden under Leviathan Linden has returned to Second Life this week. Leviathan appeared at this week’s Simulator User Group Meeting on Tuesday 25th January (skip to 12:59 above). Leviathan was positively welcomed back and there was a good sense of excitement. Yay.

Leviathan Linden will now be working on simulator stuff, fixing bugs and implementing small features. Leviathan wanted to pick this name years ago but decided to pick this new name as it was a good pick for a new beginning.

Andrew Linden departed Linden Lab at the end of 2013 (on 19th December 2013) to join High Fidelity Inc which was actually his new venture back then. Andrew hosted Server and Scripting office hours with Simon Linden where he was more active in Second Life pre-2013.

It’s worth attending the weekly simulator user group meetings to stay updated on all of latest developments.

Welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚


Second Life One Billion Rising 2022 Takes Place On 14th February

On Monday 14th February 2022 will mark the opening of the annual One Billion Rising event in Second Life. The event will feature a four region stage where over 200 people can come together to dance over the 24 hour period. There will be DJs and live performances through the duration and everyone is welcome to participate. There will be art installations, arenas for poetry, live music and much more.

1 in 3 women across the planet will either be raped or beaten in their lifetime. This event raises awareness of the issues. Every February in Second Life the community rises, dances and shows incredible strength. The focus for 2022 is the concept of the international One Billion Rising organisation Artistic UpRisings.

Change the narrative from the current to the future.
Subvert our current paradigms and expectations of the body and the earth with art.
Create revolutionary art that fires and awakens the senses.
Root it in radical love, radical pleasure and radical compassion.
Move love, connection, eros and joy.
Demand a new language for this life.
Rise for the sacredness of all womenโ€™s bodies.
Create for the holy ground of Mother Earth.
Reclaim freedom.

The OBR team are looking for volunteers to help out with this year’s event and here is the OBR 2022 Volunteer Application. Full training will be given and good luck.

Please spread the word.