Twelve new SSPE regions Added To Fantasy Sub Continent

Within the past 12 hours or so twelve new SSPE regions (SSPE2772 to SSPE2783) have been added to the Fantasy sub continent in the north east corner. This is exciting news because with these new regions actually completes the Fantasy sub continent coastal ring.

These new regions are completely flat, unterraformed and they may not be visible on the world map for some time. The moles will probably start adding new fantasy homes and road networks etc in the days/weeks ahead.

I would expect new Linden home themes to be placed in a north east direction where there is a lot of blue void on the grid. Maybe clusters or separate regions connecting them up with former Linden home themes. There is still at least another two Linden home themes yet to be officially be announced/released.

I will blog on further new developments very soon. Stay tuned for that.


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