10 Most Read Stories of 2021 On My Blog

There have been many highs and lows during 2021 in Second Life and I have tried my best in covering the big news and events here on my blog. Thanks to all my blog readers, subscribers and followers throughout 2021. Thanks to all those that spread the word and made comments this year. There will be more blog posts coming in 2022.

Here is a look back at the 10 most read stories of 2021.

1. The top most read story on my blog was Apple approves iOS version of the Second Life app

2. Ebbe Altberg has passed away

3. Lumiya Viewer website banner remains

4. Linden Lab pauses development on Second Life mobile app

5. Linden Lab is now under new ownership

6. Linden Lab rolls out new look join Second Life page with new gender selection options

7. Welcome Island: The New User Experience Goes Live

8. Linden Lab ends gacha machines by the end of August 2021

9. Avi Arrow has sadly passed away

10. New Second Life article on Quartz on how Second Life economy boomed

Looking at my blog stats for 2021

  • Over 180 blog posts
  • Over 850 blog likes
  • Over 145 blog comments
  • Over 61, 800 total words
  • Most of the blog traffic has come from the United States and United Kingdom this year

Totals so far

  • 889 blog subscribers / 5, 892 other followers
  • 824, 911 blog hits

2022: The Road Ahead

I am excited on what 2022 will reveal and bring everyone. My main blog focus will be on Linden Lab happenings, Bellisseria continent developments, Second Life major events and much more. I am sure it’s going to be another busy year for blogging with more interesting announcements, overall Second Life improvements, closures/departures and more.

3 days to go until 2022