New Red SSP Regions Likely For Next Linden Home Theme

Earlier this month five new red SSP regions appeared on the far east side of the SSP Mole development zone which is closed to the public. The SSPSCR region in the north west has been there for some time now. These could be the new Modern Linden Home theme that has recently been revealed at the SL Christmas Expo or it could be the start of development for 2022 Linden home themes.

New Red SSP Regions as of 15th December 2021

  • SSP3532
  • SSP3533
  • SSP3534
  • SSP3535
  • SSP3500

It’s worth from time to time viewing these regions on the map for changes. I would imagine more red SSP regions will be added very soon. I will blog when/if new changes happen to these SSP development regions. Stay tuned for that.