The Growth Of The Bellisseria Continent During 2021

The Bellisseria continent in Second Life has doubled in size since the start of 2021. The Moles have done a great job this year. At the end of 2020 the Stilt homes area was released in phrases and since then the chalet/fantasy sub continents have been added. At least 300 Linden owned regions have been added so far in 2021 and I think most of them if not all have been relating to the growth of the Bellisseria continent.

I would expect the expansion of the Bellisseria continent will continue for at least another few years at least as more Linden home themes are planned to be released. Maybe another 200 to 500 Linden home regions before the end of 2023.

Linden Home Releases so far from end of 2020….

  • Stilt Homes – Announced at SL17B (June 2020) – Reveal on 24th June – Start of release (test regions+) – 21st December
  • Chalet Homes – Announced at SL Christmas Expo (December 2020) – Reveal on 4th December – Released 30th March 2021
  • Fantasy – Announced at SL18B – Reveal on 17th June 2021 – Released 12th August 2021
  • Modern – Revealed on 6th December at the SL Christmas Expo 2021 – Release expected early 2022

There are still at least another two Linden Home themes in the works and there could possibly there may be more. Theme 10 I think will be revealed at the 2022 Home & Garden Expo 2022 and Theme 11 reveal may happen at the SL19B celebrations in June 2022. The lab may reveal these earlier or later than this. Who knows.

Here is the progress of the Bellisseria continent during 2021 month by month. I have been looking at the new developments throughout 2021. It’s been great to see it all take shape over the past 12 months or so.

January 2021

The Moles added more railway track and more railway stations on the east side of the log homes continent. New railway stations, rez areas, signal points, Victorian tunnels, bridges, railway line crossings and much more. 

February 2021

The Moles added new Stilt Linden homes along the north east corner of the log homes continent. Loads of new interesting areas were added including hundred’s of new Linden Homes along with new roadways and more.

March 2021

In early March the lab added a huge batch of Linden Home regions arrived just north east of the Stilt homes area. Back then there was a handful of regions needed to connect up with the Satori continent.

At the end of March the lab connected the Bellisseria continent with the Satori continent in Second Life. The Satori continent already connects with the Blake Sea, Nautilus, Corsica and Gaeta V going north east.

At the end of March the chalet regions were released to the public.

April 2021

On 15th April 2021 marked Bellisseria’s second anniversary in Second Life. When Bellisseria first opened to the public there was only 384 regions to explore back in April 2019.

May 2021

A batch of Stilt regions were added on the east side of the cluster of Stilt regions connecting with the Chalet regions.

June 2021

The Moles added a brand new Chalet railway line underground and more Chalet homes were being built nearby. More new interesting areas were added including two new airstrips.

The Moles added the Ebbe Altberg Memorial in the Altberg region in Second Life. 

July 2021

In early July the Moles added new hundreds of new Chalet Linden homes through the middle section of the Chalet sub continent working up northwards.

August 2021

In early August the Fantasy sub continent regions arrived on the grid. In mid August the Fantasy sub continent opened to the public. On 20th August 2018 the first 80 SSP Linden owned regions batch arrived on the grid in Second Life.

A new water connection was made between the Fantasy sub continent with the south side of the log homes continent. The Moles added new sealife under the water in these connecting regions.

September 2021

The Moles added new areas in the empty spaces during September. There was new batches of regions added east side of the Chalet continent added regularly.

October 2021

West side Fantasy batch of regions arrive on the grid in mid October. The Moles added hundreds of new Fantasy homes around the coastline. The Fantasy continent coastline is almost connected with a handful of regions left to fill on the north east side.

In mid October the Chalet south development work started recently and soon hundred’s of new houseboats will be added along with Chalet/Stilts Linden Homes on the coastal areas. 

November 2021

In early November the new Bellisseria Fantasy Community Centre region opened up to the public in Second Life. Everyone should visit and explore this new community centre. It’s incredible from the stairway, piers, the landing spot and views around the region.

The south and eastern coastline expansion work continued through November.

December 2021

The new Modern Linden Home theme revealed at the 2021 SL Christmas Expo. To be released very soon I would expect.

Outlook 2022

It will be interesting to see where the lab will put the new Modern Linden Home theme regions and other upcoming themes. We will have to wait and see. I can’t wait to keep track of 2022 developments and blog about them.