The Next Linden Home Theme Reveal Will Be On Monday 6th December

Linden Lab will be officially announcing the next Linden Home theme on Monday 6th December. The news came today on the Second Life blog post named Joy to the Grid! Join us for these Special Holiday Events and Activities!. The lab mentions in the blog post about the annual snowball fight, winter wonderland, the Swaginator, the SL Christmas Expo, Holiday Shop & Hop event and winter attractions to explore.

The reveal is next week and that will be most interesting to find out what it will be. There are many saying it may be Meadowbrook 2.0 or modern looking homes. We will have to wait and see.

New theme of Linden Homes will be revealed on Monday, December 6th! Watch this space – to be published on Monday!

In the mean time the SL Christmas Expo is open to visit running until 14th December spread over 15 regions. I will post more blog updates soon.


SL Christmas Expo 2021 Officially Opens

SL Christmas Expo 2021 Opens

Just after 5.20am SLT today the SL Christmas Expo 2021 regions opened to public. The regions will remain open until Tuesday 14th December 2021. This is a great event for holiday shopping, auctions and entertainment. The expo features more than 150 stores spread over 15 lovely designed regions bringing together merchants, breedables, volunteers and much more.

Regions opened just after 5.20am SLT this morning

SL Christmas Expo 2021 Regions (SLURLS)

  1. Christmas Expo
  2. Partridge InA PearTree
  3. Turtle Doves
  4. French Hens
  5. Calling Birds
  6. Drummers Drumming
  7. Golden Rings
  8. Pipers Piping
  9. Geese A Laying
  10. Lights of Hope
  11. Lords A Leaping
  12. Ladies Dancing
  13. Maids A Milking
  14. Swans A Swimming
  15. Lights of Hope Linden

There are special surprises and events planned this year. Take a picture with Santa Patch & his Molelves, get a Limited Edition Patch on a Shelf elf, and check out the newest Linden Homes at the 2021 winter reveal region.

The new demo region for the next Linden Home theme normally gets released after Patch Linden speech / interview. It’s going to be exciting to hear what the next Linden Home theme will be at long last.

I will post more updates in the days ahead. Stay tuned for that.