Linden Lab Gives Second Life Search A Facelift

New Second Life Search Goes Live

On Monday 22nd November 2021 Linden Lab gave Second Life a facelift for the first time in many years. The new look interface is now live which can be viewed inworld or online here. The goal was to clean up the interface and provide a more streamlined look for the Second Life community to enjoy.

It’s important to mention that the lab have not changed the algorithm that the search feature uses in any way. The tabs for Places, People, Events, Groups, Land to Buy or Rent, Classifieds etc are still available.

The lab plans on unveiling a number of new features for Search during 2022. Linden Lab have recently revamped the Second Life Join page and the new landing page along with with roll out of the new Second Life logo on many Second Life pages.

I think the lab have done a really good job at revamping the Second Life website, the join page and now with Search. I think the new look will improve the new resident experience overall going forward. The addition of the new Welcome islands have helped with the new quick start guide. I think the lab should bring back the mentor program / new resident help groups to help new residents further.

New Second Life Homepage
New Second Life Join Page

Keep a watch out for new changes in the year ahead.


4 thoughts on “Linden Lab Gives Second Life Search A Facelift

  1. It still sucks as a search engine because LL is still not policing how people tag stuff. You still get all kind of irrelevant results that clog up seeing the stuff you want.

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