April Linden Leaves Linden Lab

Farewell April Linden

April Linden (Second Life Operations Manager) has officially announced her departure from Linden Lab after 8 years via Twitter on Friday 5th November 2021. April Linden made many contributions to make Second Life a better place in general terms. This is sad news for the Second Life community and she will be missed.

April informed the community about the Second Life servers regularly on the official Second Life blog and helped to move Second Life into the cloud (Amazon AWS). The exciting news came when April posted about the uplift when the grid surpassed the 1, 000 regions running in the cloud back in mid October 2020. In mid November 2020 April announced on Twitter that 100% of Second Life moved into the cloud.

The move to the cloud for Second Life – 19th November 2020

There have been times in the recent few years where Second Life had various downtimes where April and the team had to perform troubleshooting for hours to resolve the problem. April posted about the grid status in-depth on the Second Life blog which was very informative indeed.

We’re in a really exciting time in the history of Second Life. We’re in the home stretch on moving the grid to the cloud. We hit a fun milestone a few days ago, and now there’s over 1,000 regions running in the cloud!

The last blog post April made was about the security improvements to Second Life back on 8th October 2021. As of 1st November 2021 the lab have discontinued the use of two older security protocols which are TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. This is to increase the security of everyone in Second Life.

I wonder who will take over April Linden role moving forward ?

I wish April Linden to best of luck in the future. Thanks for everything.


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