Firestorm Gacha Sale Fund Raiser

Jessica Lyon who is the Project Manager of The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc is asking the Second Life community to help with keeping the lights on. Jessica mentions in the blog post that the Firestorm Project incurs significant expenses with server hosting, in world costs, licensing fees, website ads, region tier costs and paying for performers at events and more.

The Firestorm average yearly operating costs are around $7000 and this latest fund raiser will hopefully keep things running smoothly for the next 3 years. Jessica says that a Gacha sale “feels like the best way to ask for help since it is more of a trade where you get something you like immediately in return for your support!”.

The main SLURL is here.

NOT TRINKETS! Everything you can imagine from furniture to pets, to vehicles to art to mesh avatars. I think I even saw a lighthouse and a ferry boat. WHAT?? I didn’t even know that could be a gacha. For some reason I imagine trinkets when I hear gacha but looking around at what we have out, that couldn’t be more wrong. Really nice, useful content!

Brands like KittyCats, DRD, loads of Maitreya, MadPea. Concept, Lonic Darn and just SOOOO much more. Far too much to list and prices ranging from $L10 for bargains to $L100-$L300 for rare items. We use no vendors so you know exactly what you are getting.

If cool content isn’t your thing but you still want to help support us, we do have a few tip birds around the place too.

Our region is full… with very little prim allocation left for anything else but we still have WAY more to rez out. So as things get sold we will be adding more. Check back frequently as this gacha sale will be ongoing for a while.

Please spread the word about this Firestorm Gacha sale fund raiser and keep the Firestorm lights on. Every donation makes a huge difference.


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