The Great Unknown At Burn2 2021 In Second Life

The Man at BURN2 2021

BURN2 2021 opened the gates to the public on Friday 8th October 2021 and will stay open until Sunday 17th October 2021 in Second Life. This year the event takes place over 12 regions which is double the usual size. There are many live events happening for the week ahead on the main stage, center camp and the bob stage. Check out the BURN2 Calendar for all upcoming events.

The Man and The Temple will burn at 12pm SLT on Saturday 16th October and Sunday 17th October 2021. It’s best to arrive early to get the best view possible before the regions become full.

There are many amazing builds dotted around the Burning Man regions this year to discover. Explore the great unknown today. Hundred’s of visitors will likely come through the gates during the next week.

To get started visit the Burning Man Deep Hole region. There will be volunteers on stand by ready to help if you require assistance. There is BURN2 information, freebies, vehicles and more at the welcome area.

Welcome Area at Burning Map – Deep Hole region
The Temple at BURN2 2021
Hop on a balloon at Burning Man – Deep Hole

BURN2 2021 Map

There are many ways to explore the regions from the balloon tour, walking, teleporting into each region, driving the vehicle cars, horses and more.

The inworld map of BURN2 2021

Please spread the word about BURN2 2021! 🙂


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