800, 000 hits milestone reached

Today my blog surpassed 800, 000 hits which is fantastic and I would like to say thanks to everyone that has viewed by blog over the years. Thanks for everyone that has subscribed to my blog (over 870+ blog followers & 5, 646 other followers) and I plan on blogging about Second Life, Linden Lab and OpenSim for many more years to come.

Since August 2018 I have been focused on blogging mostly about the developments happening over at the supermassive Bellisseria continent which keeps expanding out further on the grid. Of course if there is any major announcements from the lab or any other popular news/events to cover then I will blog about them for sure.

I started my blog back on 18th December 2007 to blog about events and news on the teen grid as I was 17 years old back then. There was not alot of blog coverage back then on the teen grid until rumours started about merging grids which started in 2008. The teen grid and main adult grid merged in January 2011.

I transferred to the main grid in mid December 2008 where my focus was to blog about main grid events and big news stories. I have covered alot of things over the years from viewer 2 revamp, the SL go app, project sansar, SSP/Bellisseria, the return of last names, inworldz closure, Linden departures/layoffs, the move to the cloud for Second Life and much more.

I have blogged about all the CEOs of Linden Lab including Philip, M, Rod along with the most recent CEO being Ebbe which has been most interesting from live speeches at popular annual events, major announcements and various changes they made.

I have covered the annual Relay for Life events, BURN2, Second Life birthdays, SLCC, the Arcade gacha celebrations and more. I have recommended places to visit over the years and blogged about adventures that I found really good.

I hope that the new owners of Linden Lab will continue to improve Second Life in the years ahead and not make things worse for the Second Life community. The new owners have a roadmap for the year ahead including improving the new user experience, possible new land products, growing the population of Second Life, expansion of Linden Homes and much more I think.

Second Life has changed so much since I started on 31st October 2006 and I believe Second Life will be around for many more decades to come hopefully. In a few years time Second Life will hit the 20 years milestone which is going to be very exciting indeed.