Andrew Kertesz New VP of Engineering joins the Linden Lab management team

Andrew Kertesz new VP of Engineering

In the past week Andrew Kertesz (Mojo Linden) has become the new Vice President of Engineering at Linden Lab. Andrew has more than 20 years experience in the games industry and he is an expert in building teams and launching groundbreaking games across genres that push respective platforms.

Andrew Kertesz takes over the post left by Oz Linden back in late February 2021 who left after a decade with Linden Lab. Andrew joined Linden Lab at the end of July 2021 from Level Ex Inc apparently. Andrew will be responsible for the simulator and the viewer engineering teams along with much more I would imagine over time.

Andrew bio history via LinkedIn

Building teams launching products that help business make better decisions and entertain people across the globe.

A leader with product and technical experience across multiple mobile, pc, and console games, as well as platform and SDK development, web applications, and cloud services. History of building widely deployed platforms and billion-dollar franchises.


DoubleDown Fort Knox, Wheel of Fortune Slots, Halo Waypoint, Crackdown, Forza Motorsport, Fable II, Project Gotham Racing, Rallisport, Challenge, Lips, SceneIt, Microsoft DirectX, Optimal Point Analytics, Ascent Games Platform and SDK


Mobile, Unity3d, Embedded, Simulation, Full-stack, Node.js, Graphics Engines, AWS, & Google Cloud, Xbox, DirectX, Analytics, Tableau, Visualization, D3, MMO, Video Streaming, Amplitude, DeltaDNA, Kochava, C++, C#, JavaScript, Java

Hopefully Mojo Linden will make an appearance on Lab Gab soon and show up at in-world user group hours like the popular Simulator User Group meetings in the weeks ahead.

Check out Andrew Kertesz interesting background bio on his official LinkedIn page. Andrew is now featured on the Linden Lab management team page here.

Hopefully Andrew will stay around for many years at Linden Lab making it more enjoyable for everyone to use Second Life.


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