The Guild Confirms October 2021 Event

The Guild Team in Second Life have announced recently on their official website that everything is still on track for the October 2021 event to go ahead. The Guild team have decided to transition the event to be entirely a regular sales event than the normal gacha event held before.

This is because of the recent Linden Lab decision to end gachas by the end of August 2021. The lab blog post has been updated now with a new additional FAQ section at the bottom which is worth checking out. There could be another new FAQ published by Linden Lab sometime this week.

The Gacha Guild has now been renamed to The Guild to reflect the overall event foundation during previous years. The logo will be worked on among other changes in the weeks ahead.

Here is the full announcement about the future of Gacha Guild is shown below.

Gacha Events/Sales

  • The Arcade team in Second Life is working on alternatives right now for future events in Second Life. I will blog more about that when new developments happen.
  • The FabFree group have a gacha list up and running


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