Linden Lab rolls out new look Join Second Life page with new gender selection options

Recently Linden Lab have rolled out the new look Second Life join page which has gone live. It’s worth pointing out that the lab have added new gender selection options which is a rather interesting move. New users can now select the GENDER-VARIANT/NON-BINARY tick box for their starter avatar when they log into Second Life for the first time. There is a blue avatar behind the signup boxes surrounded by a black background.

The new look join Second Life page has the usual required details to fill out including username, password, email, date of birth, security question/answer and starting avatar gender. There is a tick box to receive news and special offers and the box to agree to the terms of service. Once signed up there is a likely chance new users will land at the new welcome island to get started in Second Life.

The main Second Life homepage was revamped back in April 2021 and has been improved slightly with a new animation at the top of the page since then.


2 thoughts on “Linden Lab rolls out new look Join Second Life page with new gender selection options

  1. It’s nice they’re doing this, but I wonder if it’ll be enough to encourage vendors to make clothes that aren’t specific to male or female avatars. In the Marketplace, the number of unisex apparel items is a mere fraction compared to those of male and female avatars.

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