The Arcade cancels September 2021 Round

On Tuesday 3rd August the Arcade team announced on their official Facebook page that the upcoming September 2021 in Second Life will be cancelled due to the recent Linden Lab news about banning gache at the end of August 2021. The Arcade team have said they will pause operations now to re-imagine the whole event and the event will return back even stronger in the near future. Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Arcade annual gacha events each year have been very popular indeed over the past 9 years. The Arcade are complying with the new policy change. Certain aspects of the gacha events will go which will be very sad for the Second Life community that love attending them.

The Arcade posted this via Facebook…

Just like you, we’ve been rocked by Linden Lab’s recent decision to ban gacha. For the past 9 years, gacha’s been the backbone of Arcade’s events, and we’re truly sad to see it go. Due to LL’s change and short notice to comply, we’ve decided to cancel September’s upcoming round. This pause provides our team the much-needed time to re-imagine the event and return strong. We’ll be in touch soon and look forward to seeing you when The (ALL NEW) Arcade re-opens!

It will be interesting to see the next chapter of the new Arcade when it opens up to the public in Second Life soon. I will do a blog post on that for sure.


Linden Lab have updated the original blog post with a new FAQ section at the bottom which you can read below. These are the most common questions being asked on the forums thread that was set up.

  • Linden Lab will not be extending the policy deadline. Warnings and enforcement will be happening from 30th September 2021.
  • 7Seas won’t be impacted by this policy change
  • Breedables won’t be impacted by this policy change
  • Subscription boxes are not affected
  • Linden Homes are not impacted by this policy change

Full FAQ section below!

We have developed an FAQ to assist with answering some of the most common questions we are being asked.  This list is not exhaustive, and we will continue working to get answers and add them here.

Q:  Is it possible to extend the policy deadline?
A:  We are sorry that we are not able to further extend the policy deadline.  However, we have been able to extend the enforcement of the policy change an additional 30 days.  To be clear, starting on September 1 we expect gacha as a sales mechanism to cease. However we will start with warnings, and any enforcement of the policy as it would be applied on an account will not begin until after September 30.

Q:  How are breedables impacted by this policy change?
A:  This current policy change and deadline does not apply to breedables or other life simulation products.  At the present we are working with external counsel on the subject of breedables.  If any action is required we will make a separate announcement and have a separate timeline associated with it. 

Q:  Will popular games like 7seas be impacted by this policy change?
A:  No, because the purchase of bait to go โ€œfishingโ€ is a purchase being made of a known item, and also the fish you catch while playing the game are non-transferable.  To be clear, if they are not currently, they must be going forward.

Q: How are subscription boxes affected?
A: Subscription boxes are not affected as long as all subscribers are getting the same content box. Different items being sent to different subscribers on a chance basis is not allowed. 

Q:  How are Linden Homes affected?
A: Linden Homes are not impacted by this policy change.  Linden Lab owns the homes and they are not transferable.  

There are still several great questions which we are working to answer with our legal team.  We will update with additional information as soon as possible.

I will blog about new developments on gacha when new developments happen. Stay tuned for that on my blog.