New Green Fantasy Linden Home Regions Have Arrived On The Grid

New Fantasy Linden Home regions now on the grid

On Saturday 31st July 2021 a new batch of roughly 125 green Fantasy Linden Home regions appeared south of the Bellisseria continent in Second Life. They are all located just east of the Retrograde region in a sub continent layout. The new Fantasy regions have been named already when you zoom into them and are they almost done apparently (going through the QA process).

There is no ETA for when the new Fantasy Linden homes sub continent will open to the public. It should not be that long to wait now. I would imagine all new upcoming Linden Home themes will now be placed south of the Bellisseria continent then moving eastwards over time. There is alot of empty void space nearby.

Nelson Eddy region is the nearest region to the new sub continent and it’s going to be interesting to see how this new sub continent will develop over the months ahead. Hanshin region down south is another closer one.

North of the sub continent
South of the sub continent

I will post further updates on my blog very soon about this new sub continent for Fantasy Linden homes.