New Firestorm Release 6.4.21

On Thursday 29th July the Firestorm team released a new shiny viewer release which is now available to download. This new release includes loads of big improvements like mesh upload improvements, bug fixes, cool new features and much more. The full detailed list of release notes can be found on the Firestorm Change Log page. Here you can see the JIRA bug fixes, translations and known issues.

There is no need to perform a clean install with this release. Please note “Version will be blocked in 3 weeks, on August 18th. This will mark the end of an era for Firestorm’s legacy Windlight in Second Life, as 6.3.9 is the only version still running it”.

Under the hood the Firestorm team have added tons of new options in preferences from the new water transparency performance options, showing/hidng voice visualisers, new option to report the SLURL of the region you completed a teleport from, new fonts and there is more. This new Firestorm release brings it up to parity with the lab’s core code.

The new Linden Lab Guidebook for new users has been added in this release. Some new users once signed up go through the new welcome island which brings up this new guidebook. There is a online version of it here.

For OpenSim users the main things to mention is that the firestorm team have added “gridmanager” SLURL app command to add new grids to the grid manage via SLURL. The mesh upload analyse function is no longer blocked in OpenSim. They have improved VarRegion support for landmarks, SLURLs and Teleports etc.

Here are the highlighted new features and improvements

  • Enabled multithreaded image decoding.
    When an image is loaded from the network (CDN or region) or from cache it is in an encoded heavily compressed form know as jpeg2000.
    It takes a while to decompress these images before they can be used in rendering.
    Traditionally these were handled on a single thread, in parallel(ish) to the main thread, but still essentially one at a time.
    Firestorm 6.4.21 now adds support for doing this in parallel.
    It will (by default) check to see how many threads your CPU can support, that’s to say how many jobs it can run concurrently.
    From this it will create a pool of worker threads ready to decode images when they arrive.
    The more “concurrency” your machine supports the more images it will be able to unpack in parallel.
    There are a lot of subjective aspects to rendering, things should “feel” snappier but as we are dependent on so many things (disk IO, memory, GPU bandwidth, network fetch) it is not as straightforward as saying things are going to rez twice as quickly.
    But we hope you will experience a general uplift in quality.
    The setting is by default AUTO, this detects the concurrency supported and uses that as a guide. This is expected to work for the vast majority of systems.

    Preferences → Graphics → Hardware Settings → Image Decode Concurrency
    0 = Auto
    1 = single thread (old behaviour)
    N = user specified concurrency (don’t do this unless you really know what you are doing).
    Any users that have problems should that have problems should flip the setting to 1 for the old single threaded behaviour.
  • Mesh upload improvements
    • The misreporting of “Material Of Model Is Not A Subset” has been removed.
      This means that you no longer have to keep a stray triangle for the purpose of padding out the materials in the lower LODs, most important in SL where those triangles are a significant driver of Land Impact.
      But more importantly this means that creators have a far less bothersome workflow when making meshes.
      Creators still have to ensure that all LOD models share the same set of top level materials but a true subset is now allowed.
    • Added 3 “quick physics” options. i) a physics cube ii) a hexagonal cylinder iii) an option to specific a user defined shape (perhaps an octahedron or similar, your choice)
    • Fixed the preview window ambient lighting so you can have a half way decent rendering of the target upload.
    • Faster mesh decoding cycle
      This won’t necessarily manifest as higher FPS, but it can result in dramatic improvements in meshes appearing fully formed and a general feeling of well-being (your mileage may vary)
      Please see Beq’s blog for more details: Summarising the next improvements to Firestorm Mesh Upload and Taming the mesh uploader – Improved workflow for builders coming to Firestorm soon
  • Added support for clickable links to Preferences tabs and search terms
    This feature was mainly added to help Firestorm support when aiding users.
    Note these links will only function for users on Firestorm 6.4.21.
    • Getting a link to a search term (can be done on the fly)
      For a link to a preferences search term, simply perform the preferences search, then click the new “copy” link to the right of Preferences search, and paste it into chat.
      You will have a clickable link such as this: secondlife:///app/openfloater/preferences?search=local%20lights
      When a user on Firestorm 6.4.21 clicks this link, it will open the preferences floater already populated with the chosen search term.
    • Getting a link to a tab or subtab (has to be constructed)
      Links to tabs and subtabs themselves are tricker at this point. They need to be constructed and can then be saved and reused.
      Example link for linking to the voice subtab of Sounds & Media: secondlife:///app/openfloater/preferences?tab=audio&subtab=Media%20Voice%20tab
      To get the terminology to construct a link:
      Enable Developer > XUI > Show XUI Names
      To get the terms for the main tabs: Roll cursor over any of the left-hand tabs. At the end of the tooltip that appears, you will see something like “/vtab_controls/”. The term after the “vtab_” is the XUI name of the tab, in this case, “controls”.
      To get the terms for the subtabs: Roll cursor over any of the subtabs. At the end of the tooltip that appears, you will see something like “htab_UI Sounds Tab 1/”. The term after the “htab_” is the subtab name, in this case “UI Sounds Tab 1”.
      Insert those terms into the following syntax:
      Test that the link works by pasting into chat & clicking it.
      If you wish to add these links to your Autoreplace, all ampersands must be replaced with &.
  • Added the custom keymappings feature from the Linden Lab viewer
    You can now set your own custom key mappings under Preferences → Controls
  • Added additional settings for “Show voice visualizers”
    Added an option to “Show voice visualizer over my own avatar” and an option to hide the voice dot over avatars and show only voice waves.
    Preferences → Sound & Media → Voice → Show voice visualizer over my own avatar
    Preferences → Sound & Media → Voice → Show the dot as part of the voice visualizer.
  • Added an option to report the SLURL of the region you completed a teleport from in local chat
    Preferences → Move & View → Teleports → Report the SLURL of the region you completed a teleport from.
  • Added new fonts
    Added Cascadia Code font both as an option for the UI and for the script editor.
    Added Deja Vu Sans as a fallback font for Linux to fix some characters displaying as boxes.
    Preferences → User Interface → Font → Font Scheme → Cascadia Code
    Preferences → Firestorm → Build 1 → Script Editor Font → Cascadia Code.
  • Added the new Linden Lab Guidbook for new users
    Toolbar Buttons → Guidebook
    Note the Guidebook does not have a close button on the floater.
    You need to open & close the Guidebook using the toolbar button.
    The Guidebook can also be accessed in a web page at
  • Added back the “Hover Tips on All Objects” option
    Preferences → User Interface → 3D World → Hover Tips → on All objects
  • Made alert messages searchable and easier to use
    Preferences → Notifications → Alerts
    You can now set multiple alerts to show or hide, just select them with shift+click or ctrl+click and set them to the same value all at the same time
  • Added search by UUID for legacy people search
    Search → People
  • Added the ability to search for groups in contacts floater and search in the group titles window
    Comm → Contacts → Groups / Group titles
    CTRL+F will focus the search bar.
  • Added options to auto-unmute Sounds or Ambient after teleport
    Preferences → Sound & Media → Sound → Automatically unmute after teleport: Ambient | Sound Effects
  • Clearing inventory cache now also clears library cache
    Preferences → Network & Files → Directories → Clear Inventory Cache
  • Added visible (rendered) face count to inspect
    Right click object → Inspect
  • Added more information to the animation preview floater
    The animation preview floater now includes the following information:
    Priority, duration, Loop (yes/no), Ease in, Ease out, number of joints.
    Right click an animation in inventory or object inventory → Open
  • Added new water transparency performance options
    Preferences → Graphics → General → Water Reflections → None (opaque), None (transparent)
  • Joystick configuration improvements
    Added new Joystick monitor with 16 “LEDs” for the buttons.
    Preferences → Move & View → Movement → Joystick Configuration button.
  • Added separate texture and asset cache sizes
    Preferences → Network & Files → Directories → Texture Cache Size, Asset Cache Size
  • Added a new option to fix the Bento idle animation
    If enabled, Firestorm will run a default, priority 0 Bento animation that poses hands, wings, mouth and tail in a natural position when no other Bento animation is running.
    Preferences → Firestorm → Extras → Fix Bento Idle Animation.
  • Added additional inventory search filters
    At the top of the inventory floater to the right of “Filter” you will see a small eye button drop down.
    Here you can choose to filter inventory searches to include or exclude trash, library and links.
  • Improved group moderator options
    Changed the toggle mute chat to explicit mute and unmute so accidents can no longer happen if more then one mod attempts to remove chat rights at the same time.
    Right click any participant in a group chat → Moderator Options → You will now see two separate settings for “Allow text chat” and “Forbid text chat”
  • Added sun & moon position sliders to the EEP user interface
    For those of you that hated the EEP sun & moon positioning track balls, we have added Azimuth and Elevation sliders to control the sun & moon position when editing environments or using Personal Lighting.
  • Mac viewer crashes are now handled by Bugsplat

RLVa Changes

Firestorm 6.4.21 has been updated to the RestrainedLove API: RLV v3.4.3 / RLVa v2.4.1.64531
Catznip RLVa 2.4.1 Release Notes

  • Cleanup of Windlight lock-in (= force enabling + prevent disabling)
  • Fixed @setsphere mode 2 causing black circle around avatar
  • Refactored @sit=force to support @sitground=force as a synonym
  • Added sat/unsat notifications
  • Don’t expose owner names in sound explorer when under @shownames=n restriction
  • Don’t expose owner names in area search when under @shownames=n restriction
  • Fixed RLVa spheres issues when antialiasing is disabled
  • Fixed @setoverlay can cause an infinite loop
  • Switched to an expandable input editor for the RLVa console
  • Fixed Unpredictable results occuring when both @setsphere and @setoverlay are set by the same object
  • Added support for multiple overlays in the same linkset and support permanence in @setoverlay restrictions that aren’t currently active
  • Fixed @sitground=force from an object holding the only @sit=n,unsit=n reports the avatar standing and sitting illegally
  • Added @share restriction to block giving inventory
  • Added @editattach to block editing attachments and @editworld to block editing rezzed objects
  • Added @touchattachother exception to block touching a specific avatar’s attachments
  • Fixed crash when @setsphere is issued with ALM enabled without shadows, ambient occlusion, depth of field, or antialiasing
  • Fixed @setoverlay_touch stopped working with the introduction of @setsphere


  • Added “gridmanager” SLURL app command to add new grids to the grid manager via SLURL
    We plan to deprecate the distributed list of virtual worlds in the grid selector. The list of grids is unmanageable, and frankly, a very poor way to discover grids.
    However, you need a way to get your grid added and to get your users to add you easily.
    A few releases back Firestorm added the ability to paste the grid URI into the login screen and this worked, adding itself to the grid selector for the local user.
    We have now added the ability to trigger this from a URI directly, this means that you can embed the login URI on your webpage and have the users click that to start Firestorm and retrieve the grid info.

    Summary of the function:
    You can add the grid using the secondlife:// URI scheme as follows: secondlife:///app/gridmanager/addgrid/<your grid URI>
    It is a URI and as such it will need to be encoded.
    Thus OpenSim grid owners will have to encode the login URI.
    So if you want to add via the SLURL, it will look like secondlife:///app/gridmanager/addgrid/
    You can add grids to the gridmanager via SLURL from the viewer login screen too.
  • The mesh upload analyze function is no longer blocked in OpenSim
    The removal of the analyze function was an erroneous action taken a few years ago and was apparently at the request/instruction of an OpenSim person.
    Analyze has been re-enabled as the damage that comes from not having hull analysis available outstrips the risk of having it where it could be problematic to certain physics engines that are not implementing hull support properly.
  • Improved VarRegion support for things like SLURLs, landmarks and TPs etc
  • Removed Inworldz specific code because Inworldz is dead

Merged in the following updates from the Linden Lab viewers – Jelly

Release Notes:

Updates to Jellydoll behavior for better performance.

If an avatar is explicitly set to no render, or its complexity exceeds the chosen complexity threshold, it will be displayed as a Jellydoll.
Jellydolls are simplified human avatars, displayed in a uniform color without attachments, animations or other customizations. – Simplified Cache

Release Notes:

This version of the Viewer uses a less complex file caching system to save local copies of frequently used assets such as meshes, sounds and animations. There should be no user-facing differences and your Second Life experience should be identical to other versions. – Key Mappings

Release Notes:

A collection of custom key mapping features. – Maintenance Eau de vie

Release Notes:

Assorted maintenance fixes. – Love Me Render #5

Release Notes:

A collection of graphics and rendering fixes, a little like a weather report. – Viewer UI (including Voice update)

Release Notes:

In the first of several installments, we would like to introduce a small batch of hand crafted, artisanal, UI changes to bring harmony to your Second Life.

For more information about the UI changes, please read
For more information about the voice update, please read


Registrations open for the Sci-Fi Expo 2021

This year’s Sci-Fi Expo in Second Life will be happening between 8th October through until 17th October. This event is to benefit making strides against breast cancer and the American Cancer Society. The Sci-Fi expo will be featuring shops, live performances, roleplaying events and more. The SLURL will be available on the Sci-Fi expo website on opening day. The theme this year is Journey To New Eden which sounds great.

The Sci-Fi event is a good opportunity to help bring awareness and donations to support finding a cure for Breast Cancer. To mission here is to unite the community together against a common cause.

The SciFi Expo is an event in Second Life held to benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, a campaign sponsored by the American Cancer Society. SciFi Expo’s mission is to help unite the residents and community together against a common cause. This great cause is to help bring awareness and donations to support finding a cure for Breast Cancer. The mission also strives to help the American Cancer Society fund breakthrough research about breast cancer, provide free information and to support people in reducing the risk of breast cancer and finding methods early to prevent complicated treatments.

Useful Links

Please spread the word! 🙂

SSP black themed regions join together

SSP Black Themed Regions – 28th July 2021

This week the Moles/Lindens have added some more new SSP black themed regions which are now joined together in the SSP development area. SSPNCR appears to be separated (linked with the black theme) away in the north west corner and the SSPSCR region has appeared in the north east corner which I think is the start of a new theme. I’ll be keeping a closer eye on these regions in the weeks ahead.

SSP Development Area Formation Layout

  • Purple = Chalet regions development
  • Green = Fantasy regions development
  • Black = Theme to be announced in the near future
  • SSPSCR = Possible upcoming theme 

These regions are closed off to the public as they are only used by the Moles/Lindens to build upcoming Linden Home themes. In recent months there has not been any major change in formation of these SSP regions until now.

The purple regions below are the Chalet theme regions. I believe the green regions is to do with the Fantasy theme and the black regions theme is still yet to be announced. SSPSCR could be the first region for the next LH theme after the black theme has been announced. We will have to wait and see.

SSP Development Area – 28th July 2021

10 new SSP regions have been added recently from SSP3021 to SSP3030 since the start of July 2021. SSP3031 to SSP3035 plus SSP3000 have been on the grid since mid June 2021.

SSP Development Area – 1st July 2021

Stay tuned for more SSP development updates soon.

Interesting events happening In Second Life during August 2021

There are many interesting events happening during August 2021 in Second Life that may be of some interest to everyone. Hopefully everyone is having a good summer so far. July 2021 has been a rather quiet month for Second Life news and this normal trend continues through the summer months. There are a few months left of summer until Autumn arrives again.

Upcoming Events During August 2021

BIXIE Event – Comines well known designers with fresh and upcoming faces. Continues until 18th August 2021

The 60s Event – Treasure hunting event. Continues until 15th August 2021

Mainframe – Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi shopping event featuring 90 designers across the grid. Continues until 13th August 2021

FaMeShed – A lineup of amazing original mesh creators and shops. Includes hot offers and fashion. Starts 1st August until 27th August 2021

POSH Event – Showcases strong empowerment of women. Many designers showcasing their latest creations and special offers. Starts 1st August until 23rd August 2021

Ritual Event – Brand new dark-spiritual event for shopping needs. Starts 2nd August until 22nd August 2021

Vanity Event – Fresh fashion focused event without limitations of rules or themes. Starts 4th August until 25th August 2021

CAKE DAY Event – Cake Day brings together fashion, food, decor, animations and more. Starts 13th August until 1st September 2021

Eclectic Event – Wild mix of clothes, furniture, hairs and more. Starts 24th August until 18th September 2021

Check out the Featured Events page on the Second Life Destination Guide for more cool events happening in Second Life. It’s worth checking out the Second Life Public Calendar for upcoming user group hours held by Linden Lab and upcoming Second Life Book Club episodes by Draxtor.

Know of any other big events happening during August 2021 in Second Life then please comment below or inworld. Please spread the word.

New Chalet Airstrip Discovered In Buffalo Springs

First Preview Of Buffalo Springs Airstrip

This week the Moles have added a brand new airstrip in the Buffalo Springs region which is located north of the Chalet regions in Second Life. The new airstrip is still under construction and should be finished within the next week or so. There is a rez zone for sailing and a hang out spot I think linked with the new airstrip. This airstrip shows up on the map now for reference.

The Bellisseria continent now has four airstrips to fly between which is really good news. Hopefully the Moles will add more airstrips in upcoming new Linden Home themes expected later in 2021/2022.

Come and fly around the Chalet regions and the Bellisseria continent.

New Second Life Logo Added On The Second Life Marketplace

New Second Life logo added top left

Recently Linden Lab have updated the Second Life Marketplace logo with the new blue Second Life web pages on it. Everyone should now be able to view the new blue logo and for those that still see the old logo it will update soon. It looks much better now compared with the old logo.

As many know already Linden Lab have rolling out the new blue Second Life logo to Second Life web pages since it was launched back in May 2020. The Second Life Wiki page still has the old Second Life logo on it and so does the Second Life web login page along with many other related web pages.

Old Second Life logo

It’s going to take some more time for the new logo to roll out as the lab are working on a number of projects behind the scenes.

Linden Lab rolls out new Last Names

On Monday 12th July Linden Lab announced more new Last Names on the Second Life official blog. These new Last Names will be available until mid-October 2021. Then some new Last Names will be removed and some will be added to the main pool of surnames. The lab plan on having some Halloween themed limited edition last names. It will be interesting to see what the lab comes with up for that.

The lab have removed some older Last Names and here are some of the new Last Names added…

  • Vanlager
  • Wainwright
  • Tater
  • Skydancer
  • Primless
  • Vermilion
  • Morningstar

Check out the full list below of current last names until mid-October 2021.

See here for the FAQ on changing your username in Second Life.

Second Life Grid Statistics – July 2021 Update

Second Life Main Grid Size

On Sunday 4th July 2021 the Second Life Grid Survey which tracks the economic metrics updated with last week’s main grid size stats. Since April 2021 Second Life is still showing positive grid growth mainly through private estates it appears. Roughly 400 new regions have been added since early April 2021 which is great news. Yay! 🙂

If the Second Life grid regions could reach 28, 000+ within the next few years it would go back to 2012/2013 levels where the main grid was bigger. It’s going to reach 27, 000 main grid regions within the next month or so if trends continue as they are.

Total Main Grid Regions Historical Stats

  • 26, 504 – 11th April 2021
  • 25, 160 – 7th June 2020
  • 24, 147 – 2nd June 2019
  • 23, 811 – 30th December 2018
  • 23, 332 – 31st December 2017
  • 24, 886 – 3rd January 2016
  • 25, 611 – 4th January 2015
  • 26, 227 – 5th January 2014
  • 28, 036 – 6th January 2013
  • 28, 254 – 10th December 2012

Linden owned regions have slightly dropped a little but I think this will increase again in months ahead with the expansion of the Bellisseria continent with the new release of the Fantasy Linden Homes sub continent expected before the end of the year. There could be another LH theme release happening but that’s still yet to be confirmed from the lab.

Stats Correct As of 4th July 2021

  • Total: 26, 946 – (up from 26, 504 on 11th April 2021)
  • Private Estates: 18, 316 – (up from 17, 864 on 11th April 2021)
  • Linden Owned: 8, 630 – (down from 8, 640 on 11th April 2021)
  • Total Area (KM): 1765.93 – (up from 1736.97 on 11th April 2021)

Breakdown of Ownership

  • General: 2, 645
  • Moderate: 16. 687
  • Adult: 7, 593

Private Estates Breakdown

  • General: 1, 080
  • Moderate: 10, 029
  • Adult: 7, 186

Linden Owned Breakdown

  • General: 1, 565
  • Moderate: 6, 658
  • Adult: 407

Second Life User Concurrency

Softhyena SL Stats website provides updated Second Life statistics on real time online users, the exchange rate and registered users (no longer available). The focus on this page is mainly the Second Life user concurrency which tracks the past 24 hours, past 60 days and the past year.

At the start of 2021 the daily Second Life user concurrency was doing alright averaging between 55, 000 to 57, 000 at peak. Since March 2021 the daily Second Life user concurrency has actually dropped slightly for whatever reason. We are now in the summer months so I would imagine this trend will continue until September 2021 roughly when more residents start logging into Second Life again as the autumn/winter kicks in.

So far in July 2021 the maximum daily concurrency is reaching around the 51, 000 mark going down to 29, 000 for the minimum daily concurrency average.

July 2021 Daily Concurrency Levels

  • Maximum Daily Concurrency: 47, 000 to 51, 000
  • Median Daily Concurrency: 38, 000 to 41, 000
  • Minimum Daily Concurrency: 29, 000 to 33, 000

Highest peak so far in 2021 was 57, 767 on 29th March 2021.  

Recap Of 2020

At the start of 2020 the daily average peak was around the 50, 000 mark. Between March 2020 and May 2020 the daily average maximum Second Life user concurrency stayed around the 60, 000 mark. From late May 2020 until January 2021 the daily maximum figure stayed around 52, 000 to 55, 000 at peak.

The highest 2020 peak was 60, 068 on 13th April 2020. During March & April 2020 the daily concurrency remained high.

Tyche Shepherd chart showing the Second Life concurrency figures from December 2009 to January 2020. As you can see the daily user concurrency peaked back in 2009 and has declined mostly since then which is a real shame. Hopefully the daily user concurrency will start going up soon.

  • December 2009: Max: 80, 000 / Median: 60, 000 / Minimum: 40, 000
  • July 2021: Max: 51, 000 / Median: 38, 000 / Minimum: 29, 000

I think if the daily user concurrency rises around the 55, 000 to 60, 000 mark later this year and then head upwards to 65, 000 in 2022 that would be good news.

Second Life Signups

As of mid June 2021 there are 70+ million total registered accounts for Second Life. This is the latest metric by Brett Linden which was mentioned during the Meet the Linden series at SL18B.

Second Life Website Traffic

Second Life Website Total Visits For June 2021

There are interesting stats from SimilarWeb which tracks website traffic along with Android and IOS apps stats across the globe. This is a useful website to see what’s going on with and many other websites. According to the latest data the Second Life website gets over 10 million visits each month. In June 2021 total visits to the Second Life website have gone up slightly. Hopefully this upwards trend will continue for the rest of 2021.

Second Life website total visits over the years

  • June 2021: 11.28 million visits
  • February 2021: 9.44 million visits
  • December 2018: 21 million visits
  • December 2013: 16.5 million visits

Total visits to over the last 6 months

  • January 2021: 11, 800, 000
  • February 2021: 9, 800, 000
  • March 2021: 11, 400, 000
  • April 2021: 10, 700, 000
  • May 2021: 11, 000, 000
  • June 2021: 11, 300, 000

Most of the traffic to the Second Life website has come from the United States (50%) and the United Kingdom (5.97%) followed by Canada (5.15%) etc via Desktop.

More Second Life General Statistics

Second Life General Statistics / Metrics – Mid June 2021

  • Total registered accounts: 70+ million.
  • Average daily usage: Currently 200, 000 users across 200 countries.
  • GDP: Equivalent to US $600 million.
  • Creator cash-outs: Over $80 million in last 12 months.

Second Life Population Count – June 2021

  • Average daily concurrency averages 40, 000 with peak concurrency hitting 55, 000

My next Second Life Grid Statistics blog post will be published in October 2021.

Apple approves iOS version of the Second Life App

During this month’s Web User Group meeting hosted by Keira Linden there was more details given out about the status of the iOS version of the Second Life app. Linden Lab recently submitted a new version to Apple and it’s been finally been accepted by Apple after months of on-going issues to get it approved.

Keira Linden talks about this around the 10 minute mark onwards during the meeting which can be watched again in full below. The lab are focused on the iOS Second Life mobile app which will be a chat app mostly. It will be a good way of keeping touch with friends inworld without having to be logged into Second Life. The lab are still working on the Android version which is still in development.

The lab are working on a whole set of new features into it and soon it will be on the Apple Store. There are around 40-50 users that have the iOS version of the Second Life app and more wide spread testing is still needed yet.

Apparently those that use the iOS version of the Second Life app will be logged into new dedicated “SL Mobile” regions which will be primary be used for communications like IM/Group Chat. These SL Mobile regions will not be open to everyone unless they are using the SL Mobile app. Those that log into the SL Mobile regions won’t be able to see their avatar appearance and there won’t be local chat within regions as everything will be done via Direct IM at first. Over time more functionality like 3D view will be added way down the line on the roadmap and hopefully it will reach a point where most of the Second Life community can use it.

IOS SL Mobile App Status Check

  • 3D View – To be confirmed later down the road
  • Direct IM – Available (limited)
  • Localized Chat – Only Direct IM at this point in time
  • Inworld Presence – Available (limited)
  • Group Chat – Coming Soon (couple of releases down the track)
  • Notecards: Can’t see notecards or inventory
  • Search: Will be available
  • Chat Rooms – A certain amount of friends allowed in a room (being looked at)
  • List Of People In Region – Not available
  • User Concurrency: No numbers yet on concurrency users

There were many topics mentioned in this month’s meeting from marketplace improvements, the new user experience, search, last names and more. Here is a quick brief of the important new updates…

  • The new Welcome Islands are now undergoing A/B testing along with the existing Learning Islands / Social Islands. The Welcome Back Island is open for the public to look around.
  • A new Search project to do with functions may be released later in 2021 or 2022
  • The Premium SL Birthday themed Last Names will be removed soon and will be replaced with a new selection of Last Names in the next few weeks. There will be Halloween Last Names coming in the Autumn months.
  • As mentioned in this blog post the iOS version has been accepted by Apple
  • The lab have started work on updating the Second Life Marketplace with the new Second Life blue logo
  • The World API has been worked on to make it faster

The web user meeting runs for 1 hour.

The next Web User Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 4th August 2021 at 2pm SLT over in the Denby region in Second Life.

Chalet Linden Homes Development Update – July 2021

Chalet sub continent – 5th July 2021

The Moles have been very busy in recent weeks building new Chalet Linden Homes and landscaping more of the Chalet sub continent which is apart of the Bellisseria continent. Good progress is being made through the middle central areas heading up north eastwards. Development mainly started in the Hydrant region at the start of June 2021 and now it’s reached the Brookside region. There is some work being made east of the Stilt regions which is due to be finished soon.


Work will start soon in the Baylor Creek region which will head all the way up to the Carmine Sky region. More Chalet Linden Homes are expected to be built in the weeks ahead and the new extension of the new Chalet railway line. There is still loads to look forward to and more new areas will be added in the weeks ahead.

A closer view of new developments (colour squares = progress)

As many know there is a new airstrip that has been built recently in the Bergheim region which looks really nice now. There is a rez zone here to unpack your planes/aircraft.

Check it out today – SLURL >

New Rez Zones

I will blog again next month on the latest Chalet developments. Stay tuned for that.