New Airstrip Discovery In Bergheim

New Airstrip and aircraft rez zone

Abnor Mole has kindly added a new airstrip in the Bergheim region where new Chalet Linden Homes are being built now. There is a small aircraft rez zone and small bridge leading above the new railway tunnel which heads towards the Chalets. It’s worth pointing out this area and nearby regions are still being worked on by the Moles.

Here is the SLURL >

With this new addition of this new airstrip in the Bergheim region it now brings the total airstrips number to three around the Bellisseria continent. There are outside continent airports like one located north in the Meighen region and one airport in the south within the Jinsil region. There is another airport in the north east in the Yuri region. It’s long distance flying and it’s great flying over all the different Linden home themes.

Bellisseria Fairgrounds Airstrip >

Coral Waters Airstrip >

Hopefully the Moles will add another few airstrips in the near future. There are many residents that love flying aircraft around the grid.


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