Memories Of Ebbe Altberg In Snapshots Since 2014

Here are some happy memories of Ebbe Altberg during his time in Second Life. A photo is worth a thousand words. We will never forget Ebbe and his great legacy will live on for decades to come.

Ebbe first Meet and Greet – 5th February 2014

Ebbe at VWBPE 2014

Ebbe Alberg, Philip Rosedale and Draxtor Despres at SVVR 2014 – May 2014

Ebbe at the annual snowball fight – December 2015

Ebbe at SL13B – 22nd June 2016

Ebbe at SL15B – 20th June 2018

Ebbe attends townhall meeting – 13th September 2018

Ebbe live at Meet the Lindens series 2020 – 22nd June 2020


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