Bay City 13th Anniversary

Bay City in Second Life will be celebrating it’s 13th anniversary on Sunday 16th May starting with the annual parade down route 66 then there will be musical entertainment at the Bay City Fairgrounds featuring GoSpeed of KONA Stream, Mimi Carpenter, Parker Static, and Noma Falta.

Every year there is a big attendance throughout the day and it’s really worth coming along with your friends. It’s time to come together and have fun.

Event Schedule

  • Meet at the Bandshell in Bay City Harwich (11, 11, 24) at 12pm SLT/PST – (parade preparations)
  • Parade goes down Route 66 from 12.30pm to 1.30pm SLT
  • Music performances at Bay City Fairgrounds / North Channel region from 1.30pm until 4.30pm SLT

Bay City was the first mainland community created by the Linden Department of Public Works and will be celebrating it’s 13th anniversary today. Everyone is welcome to participate and join in with the celebrations. Bay City Alliance was founded in 2008 to promote Bay City regions in Second Life.

Please spread the word! 🙂

12 More Stilt Regions Arrive

View from SSPE1770 looking towards new developments

Within the past week the lab have added another 12 new Stilt regions connected with the existing Stilt regions clusters. The new regions start from SSPE1771 from the north down to SSPE1782 in the south east.

At the moment the regions are open and are being built on at this time. The regions will show visually in the days ahead as they are blank now. I have highlighted the new regions in red below on the map.

New regions arrive – SSPE1771 to SSPE1782
View from SSPE1772 looking South


A new region named SSPRR has appeared in the south east corner of the light green SSP development regions. At this time it’s not clear if this region will be used for any major events happening in Second Life or if it’s to do with any of the new upcoming Linden Home themes.

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks ahead.

Fantasy Faire Raised Almost 24 Million Linden Dollars

Fantasy Faire for 2021 in Second Life has finished for another year and for those that are interested Fantasy Faire the event will return in April 2022. Check out this blog post named All Things End via the Fantasy Faire blog.

Fantasy Faire 2021 relayed L$23,794,648 ($95,178) by the end of the Faire.

Fantasy Faire has raised an amazing amount of money with almost 24 million Linden Dollars ($95, 000 US Dollars) thanks to the Second Life community. This is all in support of Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

Second Life official Twitter page shares the good news…

Well done to all those that raised money during the Fantasy Faire this year.

SSPE1110 Train Station – May 2021 Update

Check out the new SPE1110 Train Station which is located at the end of the line. The area looks incredible with roads going over the railway line, places to sit down, a little pond and more. During the past five months the Moles have been working on the east side of the log homes continent which is due to be finished very soon. More log homes, Stilt and Chalet Linden homes have been added in recent weeks. There is more coming in the days and weeks ahead.

View looking down at the new developed area.

Back in mid January 2021 work started on the new SPE1110 Train Station by the Moles and today the area looks very nice. I think the Moles have done a great job at creating this railway line stretching over multiple Linden home theme areas.

More updates will be posted soon on my blog.

SL18B Regions Come Online

Soon to be renamed to SL18B

Second Life 18th birthday celebrations officially start next month from 17th June through until 1st July 2021. The good news is that the SL18B regions have now come online however they are all still named SL17B at this time.

It’s going to be great to see the visual changes of the birthday regions over the next six weeks or so depending on how often the World Map tiles update in Second Life. These regions are closed for public access currently.

On Thursday 6th May Linden Lab announced that the SL18B Shop & Hop applications are now open. This event brings together the top merchants across the grid for exclusive discounts and exclusive items. SL18B Shop & Hop will take place from 17th June to 1st July.

Current Applications For SL18B

Linden Lab will be sharing more information about SL18B over the next month. I’m sure there will be announcements early next month along with many group notices in the specific birthday groups inworld.

Not much longer to wait now until the birthday celebrations open.

Linden Lab working on some bugs for the Second Life Mobile Client IOS version

Web User Meeting – 5th May 2021

Keira Linden mentioned some things about the development of the Second Life mobile client during this week’s Web User Group meeting. The whole meeting is now available above on YouTube which lasts for one hour. See some of the meeting highlights below.


  • The lab are still working on some bugs and they hope to have something in the app store soon

So basically the IOS app that the lab has been working on did not make it back to Apple to pass in April 2021. Linden Lab QA found more issues that needed to be addressed internally recently. The wait continues now for the lab to address these issues and then being able to send the IOS app to Apple to pass through their evaluation process. This could take weeks or another few months.


  • No updates this month

The lab are still working on the development of the Android version of the Second Life mobile client.

May 2021 Meeting Highlights

  • The revamped Second Life homepage has received mixed feedback
  • There is still post Uplift internal work going on
  • No further updates on Premium Plus
  • The limited edition Last Names have been removed from the Last Names list. The hope is to have more special edition type names in the near future
  • The What’s Hot section of the Second Life Destination Guide has been revised to show more of the populated places
  • Search indexing fixed to find people more easily inworld
  • Keira will be creating a plan to start putting some marketplace changes in place (visual launch – probably later in 2021)
  • The lab are still working from home (all teams have been working great together)
  • And more – see video at top of this blog post


  • The theme for SL18B is “Hidden Worlds”
  • Lot’s of things can be considered for hidden worlds
  • More coming soon on SL18B – keep checking the Second Life blog

The next Web User Group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd June at 2pm SLT.