12 More Stilt Regions Arrive

View from SSPE1770 looking towards new developments

Within the past week the lab have added another 12 new Stilt regions connected with the existing Stilt regions clusters. The new regions start from SSPE1771 from the north down to SSPE1782 in the south east.

At the moment the regions are open and are being built on at this time. The regions will show visually in the days ahead as they are blank now. I have highlighted the new regions in red below on the map.

New regions arrive – SSPE1771 to SSPE1782
View from SSPE1772 looking South


A new region named SSPRR has appeared in the south east corner of the light green SSP development regions. At this time it’s not clear if this region will be used for any major events happening in Second Life or if it’s to do with any of the new upcoming Linden Home themes.

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks ahead.


Fantasy Faire Raised Almost 24 Million Linden Dollars

Fantasy Faire for 2021 in Second Life has finished for another year and for those that are interested Fantasy Faire the event will return in April 2022. Check out this blog post named All Things End via the Fantasy Faire blog.

Fantasy Faire 2021 relayed L$23,794,648 ($95,178) by the end of the Faire.

Fantasy Faire has raised an amazing amount of money with almost 24 million Linden Dollars ($95, 000 US Dollars) thanks to the Second Life community. This is all in support of Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

Second Life official Twitter page shares the good news…

Well done to all those that raised money during the Fantasy Faire this year.