COVID-19 Resources On Inspiration Island In Second Life

This week the lab are raising awareness for the COVID-19 information center on Inspiration Island in Second Life. There is a updated Covid display there built by Lady Brielle which is located in the courtyard upon arrival. The information relating to COVID-19 is displayed in Spanish, American Sign Language and English.

Check out the social distancing book of stories from the past year. You can leave your personal note of the pandemic at the information center.

Check out this great video which runs for 2 minutes to learn more about this destination. Lady Brielle has been a essential worker throughout the pandemic.

Here is a brief overview…

The COVID display in the courtyard was built by Lady Brielle, a medical librarian who maintains the text as new data becomes available. Lady Brielle has been a tireless essential worker throughout the pandemic, and her work has not gone unnoticed. Lady Brielle us that “our outreach work in Second Life has been recognized by the National Library of Medicine and won an award in Research by the Hospital Libraries Section of the Medical Library Association.” 

Come and visit today.



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