Lumiya Viewer Website Banner Remains

Official Lumiya Website – 22nd January 2021

The Lumiya Viewer website has had its main website content removed for some reason. The Lumiya banner is the only thing left remaining on the main homepage.

For many years the Lumiya Viewer website has not been updated by the creator. I have not visited the website since last year when everything was on there. Today I was surprised to see everything removed.

I am wondering if the creator is going to come back soon with a new revamped website along with a brand new app update. I think many would love to see that happen. There is a chance that the Lumiya Viewer website could be deleted in the months or years ahead.

Linden Lab is still working on a Second Life companion app for iOS and Android devices which will become available in beta at some point during 2021.

If anything changes this year I’ll post another blog post about Lumiya.


One thought on “Lumiya Viewer Website Banner Remains

  1. Alina Lyvette (Lumiya’s developer) has deleted her SL account long ago and it’s pretty much impossible to reach her. Also, although it’s been stipulated (and I’m one of those who’ve done so) that it could serve as a starting point for an official SL viewer, this is a moot point, since its developer is AWOL and its code is not open source (the latter is also the real reason why it was taken off the TPV list). So, LL has no way to obtain a licence to use Lumiya’s code, and they obviously can’t decompile it and take it from there – it’d open a huge legal can of worms.


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