My Favourite Snapshots During 2020 In Second Life

There have been many good memories from my bugs bunny adventures in Second Life during 2020 so far. I am looking forward to my 2021 adventures around the grid and I will share them on my blog throughout the new year. I can’t wait.

Here are my favourite snapshots from 2020 below.

Exploring the roads of the bellisseria continent – February 2020
Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Second Life – March 2020
London City visit – March 2020
Entering the new log homes continent – April 2020
The log homes new land area – April 2020
Bellisseria Fairgrounds – May 2020
SL17B opening day – June 2020
The Stilt Linden homes preview opening – June 2020
Bugs Bunny drinking at SL17B – June 2020
Shopping – June 2020
New party area discovery – July 2020
The cave hangout – August 2020
Summer fun time – August 2020
The railway crossing – September 2020
The railway expansion – October 2020
Winter Wonderland – November 2020
Chalet Linden homes preview – December 2020
Christmas exploring – December 2020

Bring on 2021! 🙂


The Stilt Homes Roll Out Continues

Land Selection Page As of 7.17am SLT/PST

During the last 12 hours or so it appears more Stilt Linden homes are being released to the public in Second Life along with Traditional, Houseboats, Victorian and Log homes. There is roughly 2.300 homes still unclaimed spread over 92 regions showing as Protected Land.

The fastest way of getting a Linden Home is through the Second Life land selection page. More homes will be released in the days and weeks ahead. For those wanting the new release of Stilt homes you have a choice of ones on water, land and on a pier.

More green dots moving into Stilt homes
On land Stilts

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